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Different styles of playing badminton

Like in any other game, it is important to know your shots and strikes to win. Badminton is a game about quick reflexes, good strategies, and techniques. If you are a beginner and is starting to learn and understand the game then there is a lot for you to learn. There are badminton rackets that you will have to choose according to your play style. Different players have different play styles and many players switch between different playing styles to be at the top of their game. There are generally three types of playing styles and they are attacking or aggressive style, defensive and deceptive style of playing badminton. 

The aggressive style of playing badminton includes a lot of powerful and precise shots to defeat your opponent. It includes smashes, attacking lobs, more low services in comparison of high services, fast pushes, and flicks to the backcourt from the net and quick pace footwork on the court. The players of choose this style as their own need more endurance and stamina to maintain quick paces rallies. You would need a suitable racket for your style, click here to find the best badminton racket for yourself

In the deceptive style of playing badminton, the lobs are more deep and angled; the services are higher than normal services and are delivered to the baseline. The drop shots are very precisely played and are dropped quite near the net without them getting in contact. The net shots tend to be sharper, deeper, and more deceptive than others but it is not played as fast the aggressive style is played. The shots delivered in this method are deceptive shots to trick and quite slow down the opponent.


The defenses done by the player in this style are more reliable and are generally better. The push shots in this kind of style to the rear court are more deceptive and angled. There are not a lot of smashes involved in this style and less power is used to deliver strokes. In this style, the movement of the players is not as fast-paced as in aggressive style. The footwork of the player is swifter, smoother, and steadier with a remarkable strategy about the court and the game. 


Most of the shots in the straightforward and defensive style are usually simple and plain with no variation in comparison to being a deceptive or aggressive player. The services in this style are higher and deeper to the backcourt. The shots used in this style of playing badminton are not as tricky or deceptive but are rather simple and plain. There are a few cross-court net shots involved in this style. Drop shots are involved in this.

You might wonder why a player would opt for such a simple style of playing then the vital purpose of this style is to tire the opponent out with consistent shots, continuous rallies, and effective strokes with a few mistakes. The players who choose this style usually have more endurance and stamina than any other players because their body is used to of continuous and long rallies.

A good player never gets in the court with just one style up their sleeve. The players use a mix of two of the three styles to surprise their opponent where one style always dominates. 

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