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The Power of Evil Eye Jewelry: Get the Latest Jewish Jewelry Styles

The popularity of Judaism jewelry is increasing globally. The history of Jewish is so ancient so that it’s connected with Islam and Christianity. Therefore the evil eye isn’t only famous in the community of Jews but also widely popular among the Middle East countries and Europeans. For this, evil eye jewelry is most famous. As the concept of this is so simple that the wearing of an evil eye symbol protects from the evil and its sinful powers, the tradition of wearing it is followed may many peoples.

More than any other symbol, the evil eye is most famous in Jewish Jewelry. Commonly, it is designed with gold and other valuable stones as a necklace, rings, and also bracelets. It’s also prepared with the Hamsa, a sheltering hand, where the eye is located at the center of palm usually. There are thousands of designs, and styles from different designers, so it depends on your choice of what you want to wear. Mostly, wearers choose the modern designs that don’t disturb the fashion and also the tradition.

The Seed of Life Symbolic Jewelry

The seed of life is simply Metatron’s cube which refers to the creation and fertility. In Jewish, it has much value and historical stories. Since this sign refers to life, most people love to wear the jewelry of this symbol. Among the thousands of Jewish jewelry designs, this is also counted under the famous and most worn. Especially for the women, the designers have designed the Metatron’s cube is designed in a way that looks attractive as the necklace. You can get its designs in silver, platinum, and also Ka Gold Jewelry easily.  

Star of the David

The Star of David sign is connected with the Kind David. In the Jews, this star symbolizes the protection from God. The shape of this star is mostly a six-pointed star. Since it has a connection with the David, Jewish artist has designed this star in amazing designs and styles. Currently, wearers love to wear the Star of David as they believe it protects them against evil and evil’s power. In Judaism, it is also known as the Shield of David. This is available in many varieties of Gold, silver, and other types of items.

Merkaba Jewish Jewelry

The Merkaba, which means light body spirit, is the energy field in which everything is present. It is the vehicle that takes you beyond the personal, subjective, and limited world in which you live; a portal to transcend the mind. Merkaba jewelry represents the society, peace, and the world where only the individual’s values and respect is present with any individual.

Sacred geometry includes the sacred patterns used to design the Jewish jewelry. The two four-pointed stars are intertwined, symbolizing harmony, and balance. Since each of its corner points are equally distant from each of the others, there is no stress or tension in the tetrahedron but rather a state of rest in equilibrium. The censor is a powerful symbol because it is a true symbol of a person's spiritual development.

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