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Stem Cell Treatment for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

Millions of Americans deal with chronic pain every day. Some people live with mild chronic pain all their lives but for others, the chronic pain is so severe, they can’t carry out even their activities of daily living.

For those who are suffering from chronic knee pain, the reason could be a fully or partially torn ACL. If you suspect you may have injured your ACL, here are a few things you should know.

ACL Tears

ACL or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament connects the thigh bone to the shinbone, at the knee. The ACL prevents excessive movement in the knee and keeps the joint stable. Most ACL injuries occur during sports, but they can happen during any pivoting and rapid movements.

Leading causes for an ACL tear include –

  • direct contact that results in a direct trauma
  • indirect contact or trauma to a different part of the body, and the resulting force causing an ACL tear, for example, jumping in the air and landing poorly
  • hyperextension of the knee

Signs of a torn ACL

Some of the most common signs of a torn ACL are –

  • a loud pop
  • swelling
  • small range of motion
  • inability to walk or stand

If you have some of these symptoms, you should go to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What to do if your ACL is torn?

If you have suffered a full tear of your ACL, your mobility will be affected. The first thing is to completelyimmobilize the leg. Serious ACL injuries may require ACL reconstruction surgery to graft a part of a tendon onto it and then anchoring it to the torn ends of the ACL.

However, surgery is not always successful in the long term. Younger people may re-tear their ACL after reconstruction surgery. Others lose a great deal of stability after surgery. ACL reconstruction surgery may lead to other knee problems over time, such as arthritis.

Are there any alternatives to ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

One of the best alternatives to ACL reconstruction surgery is stem cell therapy.

With stem cell therapy, patients can avoid adverse outcomes. Using stem cells allows improvement in the integrity of ACLs. This could prove revolutionary.

The use of stem cells allows patients to heal without the worry of a re-tear after the surgery.

Stem cell treatments not only allow the patient to avoid surgery but also save a great deal of post-operative pain, long hospitalization and prolonged recovery and rehabilitation. Stem cell therapy is a natural and effective way of allowing the body to heal.

To learn more about stem cell therapy, call one of the most trusted stem cell clinics in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, call Advanced Stem Cell Institute at 855-937-7836 today.

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