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Tips And Tricks To Increase The Efficiency Of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are a modern-day necessity, especially in warmer climates. Air conditioners lower the temperature inside your home, keeping the rooms cool and increasing comfort level. But, there are certain factors that can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and hinder it from adequately cooling the house.
If your home air conditioning in Stuart FL loses its efficiency, it cannot properly cool the rooms and thus decrease your comfort. There are ways in which you can enhance the functioning of the air conditioner and improve its efficiency. The following tips will help you in making the air conditioner run effectively and provide optimum cooling.

Expel Hot Air

When there is hot air inside the house, the air conditioner takes more time to cool down the room and thus becomes less efficient. You can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner by expelling the hot air collected inside the house. To do so, use an exhaust fan while cooking. An exhaust fan helps remove hot air from inside the house and you can also opt for using a floor fan in the kitchen when you are cooking. Fabs help move hot air outside and in making the room cool by circulating cool air throughout the house.

Use A Dehumidifier

Humidity in the atmosphere can significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner but dehumidifying the room can increase its efficiency. In humid climates, people often use a dehumidifier along with the air conditioner for efficient cooling of the house. Whenever the temperature outside rises, turn the dehumidifier on, it will get rid of the humidity inside your home and thus make it easy for the air conditioner to cool the air and you will feel more comfortable. Also, air conditioners are built to reduce the temperature, not remove the moisture from the air. Too much humidity can even damage your air conditioner and you might require an AC repair in Port St Lucie.

Set Timings For Chores

Everyday chores like cooking or using the dryer or dishwasher can generate a significant amount of heat, which can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner by making it work harder to cool the rooms. Save these tasks for the evening hours as the outside temperature of the house is not as hot as the daytime and your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to cool down the house.

Run A Fan

If you live in a temperate climate, then you can opt for using a ceiling fan at night and turn the air conditioner off. This significantly increases the efficiency of the AC unit as it gets some rest before running again. Also, the energy consumption of a fan is much less as compared to an AC and you can also save a lot of money on electricity if you use electric fans at night. Also, if you live in warmer climates, then you can use the fans along with the AC to cool down your room. The fans help expel hot air as well as circulate cool air throughout the room thus making it easier for the AC to lower the indoor temperatures.

Keep The Outside Unit Away From The Sun

The central air conditioner has an outside unit, which is often kept outside the house. The ideal location for the unit is the north side of the house because this part will receive the least sun. You can also use the landscaping to keep the AC unit protected from the sun, plant some trees and shrubs around the air conditioner to keep it cool, and thus help cool your home more efficiently.

Don't Keep On Adjusting The Thermostat

Some people are good at leaving the thermostat at the ideal temperature of 78 degrees while some continuously adjust it in an attempt to cool the room faster. The air conditioner will cool the room at the same speed even if you keep adjusting the temperature. Also, adjusting the thermostat too much may even damage it and you might have to call a service for AC repair in Jensen Beach to fix it.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

Keeping your curtain closed can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. This is because when too much sunlight enters your house, it increases the heat inside the house and the AC has to do more work to cool down the hot air. By keeping the direct sunlight from entering the house, you can enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner. To maximize the cooling of the house, open your drapes in the evening to allow the heat to escape and cool air to come in.

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