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Which brands of sanitary tiles are the most popular?


1. Why choose beautiful sanitary tiles for living spaces?


Any facility must be equipped with a bathroom to meet the needs of human life. A beautiful bathroom will make the living room more comfortable, convenient and comfortable.

Bathrooms are relatively small, but they play a significant role for humans a place for everyday life. A bathroom will impress if we know how to choose the most beautiful and appropriate sanitary tile.

Choosing a beautiful toilet tile to use as a toilet is always the perfect choice. After all, a comfortable and modern dressing room, thanks to plumbing, is equipped with decorative tiles for people.

Toilet tile images are usually brightly coloured and crisp patterns. This gives each family's bathroom an exclusive and attractive flavour. Therefore, we must carefully select the toilet tile so that users feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible.


2. The most popular brand of sanitary ware today.


Our country has a long tradition of brick making. From the rudimentary artisanal kilns, people have still acquired brick production technology using modern technologies in the world. There must be many modern brick factories everywhere.

In addition to other types of tiles, sanitary tiles are generally the most preferred brands with the following quality control:

- cruso surface bathroom tiles: It is a long-standing brand in India. This plant produces thousands of tons of bricks each year to meet the needs of consumers. These bricks are manufactured using new and modern production lines, so they are of consistent quality. The tile surface is smooth and the frame is durable. Therefore it has a high impact resistance.

- Premium toilet tiles: produced with advanced technology, so the material is ecological. The colour and style of the brick are simple but luxurious. It gives users a fresh, comfortable and unique feeling with a variety of different and abundant models for customers to choose from.

- Dong Tam bathroom tiles: produced according to a modern technological line using European technology, so these tiles have bright and transparent colours. In particular, surface textures such as stone veins, cloud veins are exquisitely designed, highly attractive and impress users.

3. Principles for choosing the most suitable sanitary tile


There is the best beauty to help the bathroom space. Then, we must choose a sanitary tile according to the following principles:

Please choose the correct size for the area: narrow bathroom space, we have to select small size bricks. Usually 30x60, 30x30 tiles are the best choice. Sizing to match the area will create a harmonious and balanced function for the entire room.

Please choose the right colour: For classic style bathrooms, we can choose fake stone tile, deep color polished glazed porcelain tile to increase nostalgia of the room. As for the modern style, we should select a beautiful m odel of toilet tiles in vibrant colours like white, blue, light blue to add a touch of luxury to the toilet.

Choose simple patterned tiles to create pure beauty for the toilet. Avoid choosing a brick type with many bright patterns that are confusing and difficult to handle and make people feel overwhelmed. And in particular, only 2 interlocking tiles should be combined in the same bathroom space.

The selected tiles must have a significant roughness to guarantee the absolute safety of the users. For wall tiles, choose a tile with a shiny surface to facilitate cleaning and hygiene in use.


4. What are the unique characteristics of sanitary tiles?


These types of sanitary tiles are manufactured with unique features suitable for many spaces. They often have many outstanding features that impress most customers.

Beautiful toilet tiles often come in a variety of designs and patterns, colours, and sizes for buyers to choose from. There are cloud patterns, simple patterns, patterns or stripes with stunning colours. These models are designed to decorate the bathroom space when used. They contribute to the beauty of modern, impressive and luxurious, making people feel comfortable when entering the bathroom.

The bathroom space is often exposed to water and humid air. Therefore, these types of tiles are produced with a very high roughness, which creates a secure grip and helps protect the absolute safety of users. As for the walls, the tiles will have a smooth surface to combat moss and moisture.

The durability of these tiles is also relatively excellent. Since it is made in accordance with the modern technology of the production line, baked at temperatures above 1200 ° C, each tile has a durable frame. Creation of long-term use value for construction works. Therefore, customers tend to buy with a vast annual supply.


5. What are the prices of sanitary tiles today?


The price list for types of sanitary tiles is of interest to many people because most people strive to equip their homes with the most modern and comfortable bathroom.

Toilet tile samples on the market are often priced stable and do not fluctuate much. These prices will be determined based on the quality and size of each brick. Each brand, each model will have different prices.

Typically, one type of toilet liner will cost between VND 220,000 and VND 298,000 / m2. Hygienic tiles cost from VND 108,000 to VND 250,000 / m2. Each of these types of tiles will be divided into several types, Type 1 bricks will have the highest price and best quality compared to Type 2 and Class 3 bricks.

Most of these prices have been determined by manufacturers based on quality, with size being the main one. Costs will be provisionally indicated before launching to the external market. Therefore, we will be more confident when choosing to buy bricks from real distributors.

In particular, when buyers buy large quantities of bricks, they will be purchased at reduced prices, and friendship will be slightly cheaper than buying bricks in small amounts.

6. Management specializes in providing quality sanitary tiles.


Suppose you want to have beautiful polished glazed porcelain tiles for yourself. We can buy them at brick stores in the area. For now, these places have been across the country. But with such rampant sales, customers won't trust product quality.

Therefore, we would like to present a very reliable address specialized in providing tiles of the highest quality and prestige, It is a genuine distributor of large and famous brick brands throughout the country. This is the place that shoppers have been buying for years.

Here we also have a team of passionate and professional employees who will advise the support team in the most dedicated way. Also, there are facilities for transport of quality goods. We are providing nationwide deliveries to customers quickly, conveniently and securely.

Therefore, if you want to buy a tile that guarantees absolute quality and the most reasonable price, please contact cruso surface immediately.

7. Conclusion


There are many famous brands of sanitary tiles on the market from which we can choose. If you want a brick with a beautiful design, quality and adequate space will give the bathroom of our house a modern, luxurious and impressive beauty.

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