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Why your AC is not Cooling? Here are Top Reasons

The only thing that matters most in the summer is definitely an air conditioner which is something that can’t be neglected especially during the summer. But when this machine goes out of order or doesn’t give you the desirable cooling effect, then things become disturbed and mismanaged. So what are the reasons behind AC not giving cooling effect and why it is happening? Any ideas? Well! If you are unsure that why it happens, then have a look at the blog below where AC repair Fort Lauderdale has given few common reasons behind this malfunctioning.

Lack of Maintenance

Now this is one of the most common mistakes which house owners commit and land in problems later with their air conditioner. The AC unit is a machine and if doesn’t get consistent maintenance sessions, then it can develop problems and one of the most common outcomes is that it lacks cooling effects. So it is important to get it repaired periodically under the guidance of an expert.

Gas Leakage

Now this is another problem related to an air conditioner where the gas leaks and coolness is affected. This issue arises in a few months even if you have got the gas filled. This happens because the copper and aluminium metals which are used to seal the AC gets corroded and holes started to develop through which gas leaks. So to avoid this issue, you need to check the system after regular intervals of time for gas leakages.

Compressor Problem

The compressor acts as a mode through which gas flows between evaporator and condenser and if the condenser gets damaged, then AC stops cooling. Though compressor comes with 5 years of guarantee post of which if you are getting cooling issues, then you need to think for compressor replacement.

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