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Convenient for International Shipments

Since international shipment is their primary job, you might as well find many such China Freight reviews. Indeed, they have been providing excellent services, starting from making timely collections and deliveries of your shipments to providing you with customs clearance without much hassle. Usually, international shipment costs a lot, especially when you’re dealing with countries that are far away. However, it is a lot more convenient when you hand over your international logistics to China Freight as they take care of everything, including making a final check of goods before making delivery to your client. And this is the reason all China Freight reviews are positive.

An Excellent choice for Amazon FBA Shipment (Even though many China Freight reviews don’t specify that)

If you’re willing to sell your products on Amazon, but need their logistics to go to the customer, then China Freight is the perfect choice for sending these goods to Amazon. This especially applies when you want to sell your products in other countries. You just need to hand over your cargo to them. They’ll check the cartons, label them accordingly and then send it to the Amazon warehouse via sea or air, depending on what mode you choose. They’ve been precise and punctual. You can also have a look at the China Freight reviews given by satisfied customers before getting their services.

Good Choice for an E-commerce Website Delivering Outside China

If you have an e-commerce website, your job regarding logistics will be eased out if you hand it all over to China Freight. They will keep all your goods in bulk in their warehouse for 30 days without any additional charges. As you get your orders, they’ll be processing it for you, starting from special packaging to making the final delivery to the end consumer. Most China Freight reviews are positive as they’re known for making exports simpler, but their potential is beyond collecting and delivering your goods across international boundaries.

Has a Very Good Warehousing Facility

Most China Freight reviews are on providing reasonable international shipments. However, we want to focus on the fact that if you need to store your goods temporarily before you make a delivery, they have excellent warehouses. They have a lot of space to store your goods conveniently. The warehouse is on video surveillance to check for theft and fire. Before they make your delivery, they’ll even re-inspect your goods and label your boxes accordingly. This way, your goods are ensured for safety and you can choose to opt them for even e-commerce international logistics.

They’ll Take Care of Customs Clearance if You Want to Ship from China to US

When you want to deliver goods to the US from China, there are certain documents you require for getting customs clearance. Their consultants will assist you with the necessary documents you’ll require for smoothly sending your goods to China. If you’re a regular exporter, you can get a mixture of custom bonds that’ll help you too. This is the reason why we’ve seen plenty of positive China Freight reviews – their services have not been limited to collecting your package and delivering it to the required location.

Don’t Need a Separate Cargo Insurance if You’re Tying Up with China Freight

Usually, when you go for international shipment, insuring your goods is mandatory. When you tie up with China freight, they’ll take care of it for you. You’ll get your cargo insurance at very reasonable prices from them, whether you’re shipping through air or sea. It covers almost everything – theft, damage caused during loading or unloading, and loss or damage caused by water. Claiming this insurance will also not take much time. Now we see why so many China Freight reviews are positive. They’re best for international logistics.

Very Reasonable Freight Services – Another One of the Positive China Freight Reviews

Both sea and air freight are extremely reasonable for international deliveries. China Freight will not just finish off with collection and deliveries. Their services include a lot more, making them extremely cost-effective. The price will include the collection of your carton, handling your import/export documentation, customs clearance (if needed), cargo insurance, storing your goods temporarily in their warehouse up to a period of 30 days (if needed), inspecting the condition of goods before it goes for final delivery and finally the timely delivery made through air or sea.

Love it for Getting E-Commerce Solutions

Most China Freight reviews have been positive for providing excellent rates for international shipments. They conveniently collect your package from the doorstep, take care of the documentation, and deliver your goods on time. However, you can tie-up for a complete e-commerce logistics solution with them too. They’ll collect your carton of goods, store it safely in their warehouse, re-pack the customer’s order, label the package, and deliver it to the customer’s given address within 1-3 days. You need to store your stock with them and update them with the orders, they handle the rest.


Very Reliable for Quick International Deliveries

You’ll get plenty of China Freight reviews supporting the fact that they can be relied upon for even urgent deliveries. They have a very well-equipped staff along with plenty of facilities to ensure that your work is done on time. They have 3 packages for the deliveries, the fastest time slot being 1-3 days and the economy package having more than a week’s time. They prioritize all their deliveries, no matter what package you choose. No matter how quick you need them to deliver your cargo, it will be delivered safely and on time.

Convenient for Both B2B and B2C International Businesses

I’ve seen most China Freight reviews expressing how convenient they are for e-commerce solutions. However, they are actually ideal for literally any kind of international business. Whether you need them to deliver till the port or airport, or you need them to go till the doorstep, they’re there for both. In fact, you can get the complete door to door deliveries done as well as start it from the port or airport. It is completely up to you. They’re good with port to port, port to door, door to port and door to door.

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