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The Top Features in Davinci Portable Vaporizer You Need to Know

The Top Features in Davinci Portable Vaporizer You Need to Know

The davinci portable vaporizer is one of the greatest vaporizers you can get in the market as it works well on both essential oils and dry herbs. It also features temperature controlled options which make vaporizing of the dry herbs exceptionally enjoyable. It is the temperature control which distinguishes Da Vinci from the other portable vaporizers in the market. It also provides a manageable vaporizing experience which allows users achieve the desired effects. Its vapor quality is very impressive especially when you set it to right temperatures.

Basic overview of the vaporizer:

This vaporizer comes in very impressive packaging and cool artwork which covers the entire box. This box feels very sturdy and is comfortable to hold in the hand. It is highly portable and is small in size. Its length is 4 inches and it is 2.5 inches in width. It comes in the very smooth matte black finish but there are other colors available as well. It also features rubberized paint which prevents it from developing staining and scratches.

What is new?

The modern davinci vaporizer ascent has been upgraded and among other features, it has magnetized compartment hinge which makes it possible to open up to 25% wider giving better access to the bowl. The compartment is skinny and long, and measures about an inch in depth and is located at the unit’s top. The wider access to the bowl means you can easily load the herbs and cleaning the unit is easier. The battery life of this unit has also been extended from 45 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes.

The mouthpiece has also seen various improvements. In addition to the foregoing, this vaporizer is backed by the two-year limited warranty which covers structural integrity, heating chamber, electronics, craftsmanship and attached parts of the unit. Its battery also comes with 90 days warranty.

How to use:

To turn on this unit, you simply slide the main switch on/off located on side of the unit. After turning it on, its blue illuminated screen comes on and displays room temperature (idle temperature). To begin the session you simply press the minus or plus buttons in order to adjust temperature, then press power button located on the front of this vaporizer, just under its temperature controls. When fully charged, this unit heats up quickly in less than one minute. The unit’s light turns red when the unit is in the process of heating up and when preheated, it turns green.

The optimum temperature range for heating herbs is between 355°-375°F. Note that the unit displays temperature in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius. Keep the temperature below 392°F to avoid carcinogenic vapors. Note that different users enjoy their herbs at different temperature settings so you have the freedom to set it to your most comfortable levels.

For beginners, low-temperature settings are recommended. At these low-temperature settings, you will not see large clouds of vapor but you will still get good quality vapor to satisfy your craze. Even at the lower temperatures, the davinci portable vaporizer makes the smells and flavors of all the herbs noticeable.

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