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How to open free online trading account with Arihant Capital

How to open free online trading account with Arihant Capital

This implies trading is performed on the internet. Now, you require a Demat along with trading accounts to put money into the stock exchange. A trading account is started using a stockbroker.

If you want to know about a Demat account, Visit and Open free Demat account online.

Most frequently, stockbroking companies have tens of thousands of customers. It's not possible to choose physical orders from each customer in time. Thus, to make this process easy, you open a trading account. With this account, you are able to set purchase or sell orders online or telephone, which will be made to the market via the share broker.

What is a Trading Account?

A Trading Account is necessary for purchasing and selling of shares in the market. It's the account which you have to start to trade at the shares and other asset types.

Following the share market embraced the digital system, the trading accounts came to the picture. Earlier, trading has been done in newspaper format. The bodily shares were purchased and sold by the agents on behalf of the customers/investors.

Now with a free online trading account, you can buy and sell stocks from any place on earth.

An exceptional trading ID is supplied to each of those trading accounts. They have the set up to continue the transactions initiated by you. You may even request them to place orders for your benefit.

The trading accounts of an investor connects the Demat along with the Bank Account. The shares that you purchase gets imputed to the Demat accounts of yours. Subsequently, the money is taken out of your bank account for your purchase.

The other thing occurs when you sell the stocks. The Demat account has debited if you sell stocks on the trading stage. The cash equal to the purchase of stocks has credited into the bank accounts.

How to Open a Trading Account Online?

For trading, then you have to open free trading account using a stockbroker. There are dozens and dozens of stockbrokers from the nation, where you've got to choose one to start your trading accounts with it. We'll talk about the ways of choosing the best agent in the next section of the report. 

Documents required to open an Online Trading Account?

You need to submit the following in order to open an account with us along with the Application form (for individuals): 

  • PAN card (compulsory) 

  • Address proof (ration card / passport / driving license,

 electricity/telephone bill) 

  • Bank Statement Demat Account Statement or slip (if any)* 

  • Latest passport size photograph (one)

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