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4 Tips to Help New Online Players in WoW Classic

Being a player in the WoW classic is different from the regular or Vanilla features. So, for the new players, it can be quite challenging to accept the changes. Some systems remain the same as before, but the following tips will help you incorporate the game.

Befriend Someone: It can be pretty challenging to kill the monsters in Classic WoW. In case you invite a friend, you can do the level up as fast as half. If you are new in the WoW game, bringing a friend will be more pleasant. You will get less downtime.

However, you might find it intimidating to befriend someone in the beginning, in that case, look for the social media site groups where people discuss Warcraft details to get the leveling grind.

Select a Classic Faction: You will find two factions in Warcraft: Horde and Alliance. If you choose a separate one, your group will not communicate with each other. This is why it is essential to pick the same faction as your friend prefers.

Although you get Endless gold, make sure to pick the right server to continue your game.

Pick the Same Race: It is also vital to pick the same race and class as your friend to level up. If different characters are seen in the classic, it becomes tough to quest in the same zone by managing to escape the starting part. Therefore, if you don’t even share the same race, consider the other to start in the same area.

Start in the Beginning: It will seem more accessible to you if you played other MMOs other than the Warcraft while playing the classic because they are similar. Quest givers provide exclamation points in hands. They will offer you to either collect or kill things.

And you will notice leveling up if you turn the quests. In classic WoW, the items you select for quests are individual taps that disappear when the beginner player picks them up.

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