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Gutter Cleaning Tips To Get The Job Right And Stay Safe

We cannot emphasize the importance of keeping your gutters clean. Gutters send the rainwater that collects on your roof to the underground drain through a downspout. This protects your home’s siding, landscape and foundation from water damage. But gutters tend to collect leaves, branches, etc. that clog them. This could lead to frozen dams in the gutter, pest infestation, mold growth, damage to gutters, etc. That’s why gutter cleaning is just as important as calling a deck and fence cleaning company in NJ.

You can do it yourself or hire professionals. Here are some precautions to take to get the job done right safely:

Hire Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning may be simple in the steps involved but can be dangerous as well because it involves climbing ladders, dealing with pests, etc. Ideally, you should hire gutter cleaning services in Somerset NJ for the job. They have the proper training, safety equipment and work equipment for the job. By hiring them, you stay safe in your home while they clean your gutters efficiently.

You should check the company’s license and insurance to avoid liability in case the cleaner gets injured on the job.

Wear Safety Gear

If you decide to DIY, then you need the right gear for the job similar to what you’d see a cleaner from a deck and fence cleaning company in NJ wearing. You should have thick gloves to protect your hands from rough edges, eyeglasses to protect your eyes from stuff flying out of the gutter and thick clothes for the dirt. You should wear rubber shoes if you plan on climbing the roof.

Use The Right Ladders

Cleaning gutters often requires climbing. You want a strong and steady ladder to avoid a fall. You should use a four-legged step ladder for a one-story building and an extension ladder for more stories. You should avoid an orchard ladder because their three legs might not be steady. Avoid wood ladders because they get wobbly. Use fiberglass or aluminum ladders because they’re strong.

Use Garden Hose

Use a pistol-grip spray nozzle to control the pressure at which the water comes out of the hose. You may need a pressure washer like the one used by a deck and fence cleaning company in NJ if the dirt is hard to clean.

Scoop Them Clean

You can use a plastic scoop to remove the leaves and dirt from the gutters. It’s a cheap and effective way to avoid clogging. You should avoid metal scoops because they could scratch the gutter or other surfaces. This could make steel gutters vulnerable to rust.

Clean The Roof

If you don’t clean the roof before cleaning the gutters, then the rain will wash all the dirt from the roof into the gutters and clog them. So you need to clean the roof before the gutters. Fortunately, many gutter cleaning services in Somerset NJ also offer roof cleaning services. You can hire them to get them both done properly.

Unclog Downspout

The downspout transports the water from the gutter into the underground drain. You need to keep it clean to prevent clogging. In most cases, tapping the downspout is enough to cause whatever is clogging it to fall down, You may need to remove the downspout to remove the clogging in some cases, especially if you want to prevent clogging the underground drain,

Schedule Gutter Cleaning Twice A Year

You should call gutter cleaning services in Somerset NJ twice a year: once in spring and once in fall. This will help you avoid damage from clogged drains due to rain and snow. It would also avoid rust in the gutters due to the fallen branches exposing the metal by scratching the paint.

Place A Splash Block

The rainwater can flow down the downspout with a lot of force. A splash block under the downspout would prevent the gutter water from splashing and digging a trench in your backyard and protect your home’s foundation.

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