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How To Find Your Perfect Massage Therapist?

Are you in need of a 'good' massage?

Massage has become one of the most popular treatments in recent years and the need for a good massage is only increasing as more of our work and even some of our social activities take place at the desk or on the computer.

When I first trained in massage therapy in the early '90s, clients typically visited the salon or spa for waxing, facials, or slimming treatments. The 마사지 (massage) was one of the treatments that were considered a luxury or a special treat once in a blue moon.

I must admit that back then life was very different for people in general, many clients had a secretary or assistant to write the work. For some, once the job was done, there were no emails to check as not all had internet. Very few people had laptops, so sitting on the couch or in bed while working was minimal, and eventually "googling" and social media were almost non-existent.

Arriving today things have changed. Many no longer have a secretary, so they have to deal with the administration themselves, most of the work is done on the computer, some at desks and some in awkward positions while sitting on the couch or lying in bed. Gone are the days when once you left the office your work was done, now we can be contacted on our mobile phones or we can check our emails at home if you are not on the way. Our workday continues even after we leave the office or even before we arrive at the office.

There are a variety of massage-based treatments available at clinics, spas, salons, and health clubs. We have even seen massages in clubs, shopping centers, and massage therapists who come to the workplace.

With so many places offering massages, how do you know where is the best place to go and how do you know if you are likely to get the best comfort massage?

Online Reviews

First of all, online reviews are a great way to find out what people have to say about a particular business. However, keep in mind that sometimes reviews can be something negative about the property or a staff member, so you could miss out on a great massage from another staff member that hasn't been rated. Also, there is a saying that says 'a customer who has had a bad experience will tell five people, but if they have had a great experience, they will not even tell anyone'. Therefore, sometimes you cannot always get a true indication of whether or not you will get a "good" 마사지 (massage) treatment from a review.


Businesses within many areas, especially, cannot operate without a valid massage license. In certain districts, even the therapist needs a license. The only way a therapist can be licensed is if they have the appropriate qualification. Sometimes you can see the license of the premises on the wall.

Your masseur should check if you are warm and comfortable enough before starting your massage. Many salons and spas have soft, relaxing music in the background that enhances the experience.

You can often tell the difference between a really good masseuse and one who isn't so good. A really good masseuse will be intuitively wired and know the correct pressure to apply, they will also know which areas need to work the most without the need to stick to a robotic routine of just massage movements.

Massage has become more of a necessity than a luxury now for many people. Now it has become one of the most popular treatments in many spas and salons. It is a good investment for the physical and emotional benefits.

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