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Tips To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioning During Fall

Fall can be a confusing season for many with its warm days and cool nights. But you know for sure that you need to take care of your unit regardless of whether you use it or not. If you don’t, then you’ll be spending a lot on an air conditioning service in Stuart. Keeping up with maintenance is important for everyone’s comfort.

AC maintenance during the fall season usually involves keeping the unit clean, avoiding overuse and winterizing it. Here’s what to do with your unit during autumn:

Replace/Clean Filters

Air filters remove the dust particles from the air entering the room and protect the AC parts. But the filters’ pores get blocked after some time due to which you may need to call an air conditioning service in Stuart. You can prevent such problems by cleaning or replacing the filters once every one to three months.

Use Ceiling Fans

If you’re confused about switching to the heater or keeping the AC on, then you might want to compromise by using the fan. Fans can make you feel cool due to the blowing air. You can use it with the AC for a cold room. You can reverse its direction when using the heater to spread the heat. But be sure to clean the fans before using them.

Change Thermostat Settings

With more moderate temperatures outside, you don’t need to set your thermostat to its lowest temperature setting. You can set the temperature of your air conditioning in Port St. Lucie to a comfortable level. It’s better than shutting down the system because your system doesn’t have to work hard to cool the room when you need it.

Insulate Home

Poor insulation will cause warm air from your home to go out during winter. You should check for signs of damage to the insulation and apply weather strips where needed.

Check If Your Heater Works

Fall is the best time to fix the heater if it doesn’t work. You should switch it on to see whether it works or not. Depending on how well it works, you may need to either call an air conditioning service in Jensen Beach or replace it. If you smell something burning when you switch it on the first time, don’t worry because it’s probably dust.

Clean Your Ducts

Clean ducts are energy-efficient because of the lack of dust or anything else blocking them allows warm/cool air to flow through them freely. You should also find and seal any leaks in your ducts for better efficiency.

Clean Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit tends to collect the leaves and twigs falling from trees nearby. You should clean the outdoor unit to ensure that it runs smoothly. By sure to clean the coils to ensure that your air conditioning in Port St. Lucie cools/heats the room efficiently. You should also clear the area around the outdoor unit to prevent fallen leaves and grass from entering the system.

Check Outdoor Unit Pad

The outdoor pad could sink or crack due to continuous heating and cooling throughout the year. This could tilt the outdoor unit and cause unbalanced lubrication in the compressor and eventually burn it out. If you notice the unit tilting due to an uneven surface, then replace the pad.

Service HVAC

Don’t wait for your furnace to break down during winter. Call an air conditioning service in Jensen Beach to schedule maintenance during fall. A technician can find minor issues existing in the unit and fix them before they become major. This will save you money in the long run.

Upgrade If Needed

An AC can last up to 15 years and an HVAC up to 20. If your unit is old, then you should look for upgrades to avoid costly repair bills, Newer units are more energy-efficient than older units. They come with features that give you better control over your room’s climate. You can check the new unit’s energy rating to find an energy-efficient model. Make sure that its capacity matches your room’s size.

Winterize Air Conditioning

If you plan to shut down your air conditioning in Port St. Lucie, then you should winterize it. You can start by covering your outdoor unit with a compatible cover. This will prevent rain and snow from damaging the unit. You should cover the pipes connecting the outdoor unit with the indoor unit with a foam cover.

These are a few things that you can do to keep your air conditioner in top shape during fall and even winter.

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