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Sharp Circles Internship

Sharp Circles Internship is my first internship in Australia. I am glad that I have a good experience to work with Syd together in Sharp Circles. 

Sharp Circles is an SEO company that provides services to help small companies raise their websites’ ranking in Google search. In my 12 weeks’ IT internship, I did many things and learned a lot from Syd. SEO is a new concept for me that I never heard before. From the beginning, I participated in some meetings and presentations. I learned what is SEO and how to make an SEO for a company in multiple ways. Following the instructions to update ranking reports for different websites is my daily work.

SEO is an important way to help small business to enhance their competitiveness and there are multiple factors influencing the website’s ranking. I am also responsible for the ZOHO record update and update the details of each ZOHO record of the visitors to Sharp Circles website. I also applied my technical skills in my internship. I used HTML and CSS skills to change the front-end of Sharp Circles website. In this internship, I learned to use Wordpress to create some features of website. I also learned to design and make infographics based on some collected data which is also new thing to me. And I also made some summary to document some meeting and online video which improves my writing skills a lot Sharp Circles Melbourne .

Lastly, I think it would be better if there were more cooperation with other staff or interns. And most of jobs are available for remote work which would save a lot of time. 

From this internship, I am really thankful that I can learn something new. At same time, I can apply my skills on the projects. This internship also helps me get more familiar with Australia work culture and work environment which makes me not afraid of working in Australia. 

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