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Here Are Some Important Things to Know About Septic System

Almost 25% of US homeowners have a septic system for managing waste. Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, we have to keep waste always separate. Where there is living life, there is human and other waste always. For better living, we have to get waste away from the living areas. Therefore, a sewerage system is designed to keep societies clean. Firstly, the drainage system starts from your home or building, and it’s your responsibility to keep it maintained because when an individual keeps its drainage system, it’s your contribution to keeping society’s sewerage system maintained.

You will find several types of the drainage system in different buildings. The most common is a simple type in which drainage pipelines lead from home to the main sewerage lines. This is a flowing type of drainage system and thus it might not get many issues but still, a little leak in pipelines and a small item can create clogged. The second most common drainage system is Septic. Unlike the ordinary one, it’s a storage type. Usually, it’s installed in the areas where isn’t any main sewerage system so it is more likely to have a private drainage system. You need a septic tank that you will need to install underground. The size of the tank depends on the usage of wastewater but most families have around between 4000 and 7000 litters. The material of the tank is mostly plastic or concrete. No doubt, it’s a better system to manage waste and keep it aside from the living area, but you just need little more care.

Drain Field Is Key

As you have to be more careful with the septic system, the drain is the most important part of it to be given attention. Septic tank just stores and make water able to drain properly, but it’s a field that absorbs and gets your wasted water, so there is little problem in it, your whole septic system can be ruined although every part in a septic system is important. Every week almost, you should check your drain field and see if it’s muddy and seems moist, then your septic tank might be overflowing. However overflowing can be caused by the improper function of the biological process in the tank, you should try to use minimum water and also use septic safe laundry detergent. Since half of the drain task is done by the anaerobic bacteria, you have to provide the proper environment to function correctly so that your water can be purified for draining in the field, thus you should only use septic safe laundry detergent.

Pumping Out can also help

However your septic system is draining enough water, you also need to pump out entire wastewater from the septic tank. It’s recommended to pump out almost 2 or 4 times a year. Truly, it’s important to clean out your tank as different martial is collected in the tank and also algae and fungi can take over your tank, which can disturb it badly. Moreover, the usage of different detergents also creates a mess as these contain different chemicals; therefore, it’s recommended to use septic safe laundry detergent.

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