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What to pay attention to when buying memory foam pillows

With the improvement of living standards, everyone gradually chooses to use <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">memory foam pillow</a> for better sleep. What to pay attention to when buying memory foam pillow, Qi Hao will give you a detailed introduction below.1. Whether it is pure materialIs the pillow made of 100% polyurethane, and is it added talc to increase the density? This is the secret of the industry’s production process and high density. More than 90% of slow rebound pillows on the Chinese market are produced from non-pure materials, so the density index is gradually difficult to measure the true quality of pillows. 2. Have you passed the security checkSlow rebound material is a chemical substance, and it has certain hazards in terms of chemical composition. Therefore, its safety indicators must be controlled in production. Whether the slow rebound toxic and harmful substances volatilize fully depends on whether a pillow is suitable. Has his safety test indicators passed? At the moment, slow rebound product testing includes toxic and hazardous substances testing and pure material testing.3.DensityDensity is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow-rebound materials. The general molding process polyurethane density can achieve 70-150D, and the cutting process can achieve 40-100D. Due to technical bottlenecks and equipment differences, domestically produced polyurethane The density is generally lower than 100D, while the foreign one can reach 150D. Secondly, even products with the same density will vary greatly, mainly due to the difference in formula, process and raw materials, that is to say, the high-end slow rebound material must be High-density, but only high-density is not necessarily a high-end material.4.Rebound timeMany consumers think that the longer the rebound time, the better, which is a misunderstanding. The better rebound time is about 3-5 seconds. It is too short to have a slow rebound effect; too long will make the body stiff (think if you turn over, it has not rebounded for a long time).5.Manufacturing processThere are two manufacturing processes for slow rebound: cutting and molding. Cutting is the finished slow-resilient sponge purchased, cut into pillows, because the molding is cut instead of mold + additives, no other additives are added, so even the density of pure polyurethane can only achieve a density of 40-70. The molding is made by a series of processes such as adding additives, foaming, and mold pressing with a mold. Due to the addition of other additives, including chemical additives such as foaming and softening, the density increases to about 70-90 ,Feel good. Remind everyone that the service life of pillows has nothing to do with craftsmanship.6.Feel and temperature sensorThe feel and temperature have little relationship with the density of the pillow, mainly due to the mature technology of the factory (depending on the difference and the amount of additives added to the environment). The high-end slow rebound sponge feels very comfortable, and it feels like kneading the dough. A little slow rebound, or it feels a bit greedy, or a bit stiff. At the same time, this high-end slow rebound also has good temperature sensitivity, which will soften and harden with temperature changes, and you can see fingerprints when you put it on your hands without putting pressure on it.7.Service lifeThe polyurethane memory foam pillow is mainly related to whether it is pure polyurethane and whether it is high-grade imported polyurethane. If it is pure imported polyurethane, it should not be deformed for more than 5 years, but if it is to increase the density and weight by adding talc and other raw materials , The pillows are of poor quality and usually only last for 1-2 years.The choice of memory foam pillow is the best choice to use a good pillow. Remember the above points, choosing a good memory foam pillow is not a problem.

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