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The Benefits of Healthy Massage

Massage relaxes you, relieves tension through touch, and, most importantly, makes you conscious of your own body and its potential.

In massage you are not so much toning muscles as trying to achieve recovery from muscle fatigue; the blood flow is stimulated, the body becomes supple and energy is restored. A false assumption is that rubbing and manipulation of tissues break up unwanted fat deposits and wash them away in the bloodstream.

Women with cellulite problems who explore the possibilities of 건마 (healthy massage) find that although the fat is broken up to some extent it simply moves from one place to another.  Healthy Massage helps exercise and diet take effect sooner and makes you feel slimmer and better. It is best to have a massage after exercise or late in the afternoon when tension is at its height.

Being a masseur you need to keep in mind lots of things like maintaining a good posture while giving a massage. You cannot throw your body to the client or take the support of his/her body. You need to stand straight and provide gentle strokes to the person ensuring they have a nice time. Additionally, the table at which you will provide the healthy massage needs to be of your height so that it's comfortable for you as well while providing massage therapy. Hence, your position as the massager is very crucial to determine the comfort you are providing to the client.

On the other side, positioning the patient is equally important. They must be laid on a comfortable table. A pillow must be tuck under the ankle to make sure the feet are comfortable. Ensure that the patient is comfortable in the position you have put them into. If not, make sure they are by providing the necessary requisites. Try to communicate with the client as some might not say anything even if they are not comfortable because of their nature. So, proper communication is required to make them comfortable.

It is the great tranquilizer - far superior to a pill - acting on the autonomic nervous system and nerve endings all over the body. There are several ways of giving 건마 (healthy massage) and masseurs normally work out their own techniques which are as individual as handwriting.

Stroking and kneading may vary from light to heavy depending on the area, but all movements should be gentle, slow, and rhythmic. Most masseurs use a bland oil or emollient, but you can choose what you want. Certain aromatic oils have particularly beneficial effects.

Massage is also an effective solution for relieving or preventing cramps.

Almost everyone gets cramp at some time - usually at night. It is frequently in the calf muscle and the pain can be extremely severe though often only lasting a few minutes.

It is due to the shortening of the muscle fibers at a much higher rate than is usual. It can be caused by loss of salt through sweating, a calcium deficiency, or sluggish kidneys. It often occurs during pregnancy. The pain can be relieved by forcibly stretching and massaging the affected muscles. It can sometimes be prevented by taking quinine sulfate tablets or building up calcium levels.

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