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The Reasons for Choosing CBD for Pets

The Reasons for Choosing CBD for Pets

When it comes to taking care of pets, many owners have tried using different products for their good health. However, some are unaware that CBD products are also used for pets. These products are the best natural supplements with minimum or no side effects. They help to relieve stress, worries, cure skin related problems etc. It can be given to almost all the pets like horses, cats, dogs etc.

Just CBD Store is a leading manufacturer of CBD products. Here, you can find oil, edibles, gummies, tinctures, treats and honey sticks for pets. Edibles for pets are available in different flavors and sizes. They also provide free shipping on retail orders over within UK & EU.

CBD extracted from hemp plant is absolutely safe for pets. It consists of less than 0.3 % THC and won’t make your pet intoxicated. Below, mentioned are some key benefits of giving CBD products for your pets.

  1. Relieves Stress

CBD inhibits the release of stress hormone, and thereby relaxing the pets. By consuming it, they feel happier and active.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Like humans, sometimes pets also feel anxious. It is proven that CBD relieves anxiety for animals and humans. It is used to prevent disruptive behavior of pets like continuous barking, social anxiety etc.

3. Alleviates Pain

Many research studies have shown that CBD is effective in dealing with different kinds of pain like inflammation and chronic pain. It consists of anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which help in curing even the long lasting pain. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, neuropathic pain or migraines, then you should definitely order one.

4. Aids in Growth of Fur and Skin Health

Usually the pets play in dirt or dust and are exposed to different kinds of germs and infections. To prevent this, CBD oil can be applying topically on their skin. The oil has antibacterial and anti- fungal properties which help in protecting the pets from infection. It also promotes the growth of fur and healthy skin.

5. Reduces Symptoms of Cancer

If yours pet is suffering from cancer, then CBD products helps in increasing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These also help them to feel better and give some relief from nausea and vomiting.


There are no ideal or correct dosages for pets. It is absolutely safe even if you give the dosage of 1500 mg per day. However, it is recommended that dosage level should depend on the pet’s current weight. It is suggested that you start with low level of dosage, and then increase the amount gradually.

How to Give CBD to Pets

It might be a cumbersome task when it comes to giving of CBD to the pets. There are some tricks that are mentioned below which will help you out.

  • Try different flavors
  • Apply topically on the skin.
  • Mix CBD in pet’s food.
  • Place it sublingually i.e. under the tongue.

Thus, if you own any pet and looking for the products that would help in combating health issues of your little friend. Then, you can definitely try CBD products. However, it is suggested to consult your veterinary doctor before trying one on your pet.

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