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How to Select a Charity; Guide to Questions that you must seek Answers For!

Supporting a charity must connect you to something substantial and allow to make a real impact. Whether a local grassroots organization or a global initiative across continents, every non-profit need support, care and generous donors.

But how do you shortlist charities to stand for? There are some key questions to ask while determining Charity Gifts and organizations suitable for you.

What Do You Want to Support?

You need to identify a cause that's important to you. Ask yourself, what do you care about? Hunger, homelessness, lack of education, supporting arts, or funding medical research is all you can get involved into. Define your goals, do you wish to address any such problems, or host issues at home and abroad? Doing your part to help should hold the utmost importance!

How Do You Want to Help?

What impact do you want to have on the charity or generate from the donation? Such decisions depend on factors like resources, time, and experience you offer. Resources and experience are never essential to make a big difference, and even the smallest commitment can help. You can check out these ideas in charitable giving to make your donation journey easier: 

Online Opportunities: The Internet has made many things easier, and charitable giving is no exception. For example, some non-profits donate food through the World Food Programme; some raise money anytime you shop online. There are browser extensions that raise money with every tab you open. Crowdfunding is another effective way to raise money online. 

Making it Personal: You can turn pretty every activity into an opportunity to raise money for your favourite charity. Handmade toys and crafts items, clothing, blankets, even furniture can be offered to help those who are homeless or hungry. Turn your celebrations and life events to raise funds for charity.

What Kind of Charity Should You Look For?

This part is most enjoyable, and you can learn about how your cause is supported. This gives you an idea of how to play your part. To choose and shortlist a charity, try any of these methods:

Prepare a list of charities that match your cause: Firstly make a list of the charities matching your cause. Search the web, refer to close friends and relatives, or use a reliable website to develop a shortlisted chart.

Make a list of which qualities in a charity: Three criteria are essential to see in any charity. If one of these is missing, it is best to swipe that charity off the list and move to others. Preferably, look for charities that are Tax-exempt public charities, are Financially healthy and Accountable and transparent.

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