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How to resolve the HP printer connection error?

HP printer connection error is one of the most common issues reported by many printer users. Connection error can appear on both wired and wireless HP printers. But this error mostly occurs on the wireless printer. Connection errors can appear due to various reasons. If the error is occurring due to some runtime errors then you can fix it by using some manual techniques. But if you are getting the error due to file corruption then you may have to ask for the technical help.

Reset your HP printer

If the HP error is occurring due to runtime issues with the printer then try resetting it. A power reset will fix the runtime error immediately. While your HP printer is on; unplug the USB cord. Now pull out the power cord from the electricity source. Wait for about 30 seconds and then plug in the power cord. You should always connect the power cord of the HP printer to the wall-out directly. Your HP printer will turn on automatically. Now plug in the USB cord on the printer. Open a page on your PC you want to print. Give a print command and check whether your HP printer is appearing on the available printer list or not. If your printer is still not showing then seek other solutions.

Try reconfigure the HP printer to the network

If you want to take printouts from your HP wireless printer then you have to configure it. Before connecting the printer, check your router. You can only connect the printer to your router when it has a physical power button. You can follow the given steps for configuring your wireless printer:

  1. Go to the printer control panel

  2. Navigate to wireless settings

  3. Click on Wireless SSID of your Wi-Fi network

  4. Type the Wi-Fi password

  5. Hit the OK button

The lamp on the printer will start blinking. It will stop blinking when the printer gets connected to the router. Now go to your PC and give a print command. Sometimes your device may ask the default password for HP printer while connecting. Enter the password and then take the printouts easily.

Check the router

Connection errors on wireless printers can appear when your router is seeking some issues. Check the router and make sure it is working. Try connecting another device to your router. You should always place the PC and the printer nearby to your router. If the connection is weak then you may have to wait until the connection gets stable. If your printer is still showing the error then try connecting the printer and PC with a USB cable.

Check the USB cable

If the connection error is appearing on the wired printer then check the USB cable. Connection error occurs due to loose cables. If your USB cable is loose then use another cable. Connect another device with your USB cable to check whether your cable is in working condition or not. If you are unable to connect any device then purchase a high-speed USB cord for your HP printer. If you are using a working USB cable but your printer is still showing the error then you should ask for technical help.

Disable the firewall

Your firewall can also cause the connection error on wireless HP printers. Check the firewall settings to ensure that your firewall is allowing the printer device for connection. You can also try disabling the firewall temporarily. Disable the firewall and check the connection. If your wireless printer is still showing the connection error then enable your firewall and ask the HP printer team for troubleshooting your issue.

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