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Tips and tricks to summit the Initial Battle with Breast Cancer

It’s a tricky phase for you and your family after hearing your breast cancer diagnosis. Paving your road through a hurdle like cancer often seems gruelling. Being equipped with considerate amount of information before treatment officially begins is crucial. It is important to know a few things, if not all of it. 

In today’s world, cancer has become one of the most prevalent diseases. With the advancement of technology, researchers have a strong reason to believe that the world is coming closer to finding the absolute cure.

Breast cancer is one type of cancer in which the survival rates have been astonishingly decreasing since 1989. Technological advancements and deep research have contributed majorly to the amazing recovery rates of patients suffering from breast cancer.

There is a list of things you should take into consideration before you start looking for a cancer hospital in Mohali.

During the pre-diagnosis phase, one should take time to carefully assess and evaluate the symptoms.

The symptoms you feel or encounter will eventually become the factors which will help your breast cancer specialist in judging the course of your treatment.  This stage usually helps fasten the process of diagnosis. 

You should be looking at some symptoms like :

  • Some pain in the armpit region.

  • Red patches on the skin of your breast.

  • Rashes on the breasts.

  • Any discharge from the nipple, or any possible blood discharge.

  • A lump on the breast.

  • A lump on an armpit.


Symptoms usually vary from person to person. 

One common myth about breast cancer as reported by a breast cancer surgeon is that many people believe that breast cancer does not affect men. The truth is that in rare instances, breast cancer has been diagnosed in the cases of men too.

In actuality, when it comes to breast cancer not just women but even men are at risk. The possibility of breast cancer occurring in women though is evidently much higher.

Treatment, at the right time and from the right place is the only right way to fight the battle that is called cancer.

It is often observed that your primary care doctor usually recommends you to a specialist oncologist, to determine the further route to treatment.

So when you are mid-way through your search for the best cancer hospital in Chandigarh.

There are a couple things you might want to consider before you choose your doctor for cancer care.

  • Evaluate the credentials of your chosen cancer specialist.

  • Compare the credentials with other doctors and try to strike a comparison.

You only want to settle with the best for something crucial like cancer care for your loved ones.

Be sure you are kept entirely in loop in the entire duration of your treatment. You are always entitled to asking as many questions as you wish. Also make sure that the doctor you have chosen is maintaining that sense of comfort and is talking to you in a way wherein you understand everything.



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