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Public Policies programme in India

Mass communication is a process in which a person, group of people or an organization sends a message through a channel of communication to a large group of anonymous and heterogeneous people and organizations. Although some people might confuse mass communication with journalism, they are not the same, as the name suggests mass communication is all about disseminating information to people at local, national and international levels with or without necessary intent. While on the other hand, journalism has a more predictable approach as it has an emphasis on facts and information.

 If you are wondering what type of work in mass communication you will end up being exposed to after you complete your course from the top mass comm schools in Delhi NCR,  take a look at the following list

  1. Advertising

It is a visual or audio form of marketing communication aiming at promoting and selling products and services.

  1. Disc jockey

They are artists that mix records and tapes and later sales the distribution.

  1. Film making

It is the process of making a film and the various steps involved in this like production, recording, and editing which are further divided into various parts.

  1. Journalism

In this process, an individual makes information accessible to the public. As a journalist, you can either work in an independent enterprise or you can seek jobs in the national press.

  1. Public relations

It is the process of passing information from individuals or an organization to the public.

  1. Printing and publishing

It is the process of spreading information, music, and literature by publishing and printing them in magazines and newspapers.

  1. Video jockeying

A  video jockey introduces music and new videos to the commercial television.

  1.  Radio jockeying

A radio jockey has an air position in radio broadcasting. He keeps the people who are listening to the radio, entertained.

  1. Video editing

It is the process of manipulating and editing video, images, and clips. These edited videos are later used for various tasks like vlogging.  

In order to pursue your degree from the best journalism colleges in Delhi NCR, you will have to first complete your 12th class and that too with a least of 45% marks. However, the postgraduate degree courses require you to possess a graduation degree and a diploma with at least 50% of the aggregate score.

The skill that is required to be a mass communication specialist are mentioned below

  • Good communication and writing skill are the most basic skills required in the field of mass communication.
  • Candidates must have good command over the language in which they are pursuing their mass communication programme
  • As a journalist, you must have the ability to work in rough conditions and under pressure
  • Mass communication graduates must have the ability to create media contacts to get the latest insights.

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