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All that is important to know about - Partial Knee replacement

Often, judging from the intensity of damage, surgeons recommend patients to go for a partial joint replacement instead of a complete replacement of the joint. In this article find out all that you should know about partial knee replacement before you make your mind up for the procedure.

In a complete knee joint replacement surgery, prosthetics are used to resurface the entire damaged joint and cartilage. On the contrary in a partial knee replacement surgery  only the damaged part of the knee will be resurfaced by your surgeon. The damage in your knee is closely examined by your doctor and on the basis of the intensity of damage, it is further determined if you should have a partial knee replacement or a complete knee replacement procedure. Often people with joint pain start ignoring the initial signs of pain instead of consulting with a doctor. Most of the time, patients also get addicted to popping pain killer medicines instead of going for a proper consultation because of their apprehensions about the diagnosis. Knee replacement is often considered as the last treatment option after your primary care doctor or specialist has tried and tested all other sorts of treatments to relieve pain. There are a variety of joints pain treatment that doctors usually try to begin the initial phase of treatment to figure out if surgery can be avoidable. Treatments often include physical therapy in the supervision of a therapist, massages to heal pain, acupressure therapy. Initially doctors might also suggest pain killer medications or injections to give temporary relief. It is when these treatments start to fail that doctors start to look for other permanent solutions.After assessing the intensity of damage of the patient, the orthopedic surgeon recommends if a total knee replacement should be done or just a particle knee replacement surgery would suffice the purpose. People often like to  seek a second opinion from other orthopedics as well to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan, which is a healthy way to figure out if the treatment procedure is likely to yield preferred results or not. Patients are often recommended a partial knee transplant when the degradation of the joint is not severe and is often reversible with a partial knee replacement surgery.

A partial knee replacement surgery has been a major success for more than 90% people and has yielded preferred results than any other knee pain treatment in the world. Recovery time after a partial knee replacement surgery is faster than that of a complete knee replacement procedure. It is often noticed that patients start brisk walking after 3 weeks of surgery. 

Author Bio – Shreya Dhar is an experienced health writer and her literature in the health care domain is popular among doctors and health care professionals and help.

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