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Twitter is an often overlooked platform, and is a very powerful tool for social media  marketing campaigns. With Micro-blogging as its main feature, Twitter is a great way to share interesting news and content in 140 characters or less – keeping everything short and simple without the clutter of Facebook. It’s great for businesses to network with one another and promote themselves to over 140 million diverse and active users. Twitter has one drawback – an over-simplified interface that  doesn’t provide a great workflow for business. The good news is that several Twitter management systems have come to save the day and make Twitter campaigns much more efficient and easy. In this post we’ll focus on two tools for content and growth, respectively.

The first must-have Twitter management utility is Hootsuite, which was created in 2008 and has since risen to great popularity among the Social Media Marketing world. The Twitter scheduling system is free to use and packed with features like a built in URL shortener, multi-column feed management system, and the ability to manage many Twitter accounts under one Hootsuite login. It saves a huge amount of time, as you no longer need to manually post your tweets or login separately to the many accounts that you manage. Hootsuite also supports other social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Foursquare, and offers built in analytics and reporting (although you need to pay for most custom reports). Hootsuite Pro is its premium service with several added features such as unlimited social accounts and no ads.

Tweepi is the essential Twitter tool for growth – a free service that allows bulk following/unfollowing with one click, eliminating the time-consuming method of doing it manually for each user. You can follow any specific Twitter account’s followers, Twitter Lists, or even copy/past a list of Tweeps to follow. There are also options to follow back and cleanup. The free version shows up to 40 users per page, sorted by several filters such as when they last tweeted, follower count, Klout score, and tweet count. The ability to only manage one account per login is the only drawback with Tweepi.

Using both Hootsuite and Tweepi will save a huge amount of time and labor on your personal or business marketing efforts, and ultimately create a much easier workflow. With several top-tier companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Sony using  these tools, it’s an obvious choice for professionals. Take a look at both tools if you haven’t yet, and let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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