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 The gauges and valves are two crucial elements for machinery, equipment, pipes and can function optimally. Pressure gauges are not something new, in fact, they have existed for a long time and today they have established themselves as the most widely used method to measure pressure in boilers, pipes, industrial machinery, among other elements.

To find the best brands of pressure gauges and valves, a company that is dedicated to supplying the industrial needs related to combustion equipment, instrumentation for the control, measurement and regulation of high or low pressure liquid and gaseous fuels.

The manometers are equipment that can be used for the measurement of liquids and gases within concentrations that are hydraulic, pneumatic, pumps or compressors; it also performs gas monitoring. Depending on the model, there will be some that, in addition to showing the pressure display, add settings for electrical output, even monitor other types of levels such as temperature.


When thinking about the selection of pressure gauges in Shanghai, some details will have to be taken into account so that it can work and meet the needs for which we want it.

Of course, you have to see the design of the system, there is also the price point and the security that each one offers and the precision ranges that the device has. The latter is important since each manometer has different precision capabilities which can vary from ± 0.25, ± 0.5 or 2 to 2.5%, among other figures.

In order to make a correct selection of pressure range on your manometer, consider that when faced with dynamic pressure it is best to opt for a device that has a full scale pressure. Here the operating range must be done from the middle, that is, from 50% or 70%, this will give rise to the pressure not having problems when they present oscillations due to alterations within the system.

On the other hand, it will also be necessary to see what the overpressure conditions of the apparatus are and how the precision losses occur. The pressure gauges are installed in order to measure the pressure level inside a pipe or some apparatus, equipment or conduits that require it.

But when it comes to measuring processes within a pipeline, problems can occur when valves perform their function of closing or opening, or perhaps pumps are constantly turning on or off. That is to say, all this can cause a rise in pressure in the device which can end up damaging it.

So that this does not happen and that the device lasted longer working correctly, it is recommended that an instrument be placed that measures the pressure and that indicates the movements to know when they are increasing within the system.

Of course, protectors can also be installed to protect against overpressure, generally they are usually valves or shock absorbers, in this way the moments when the rise has already been detected can be blocked. That is why it is necessary to have manometers and valves that are reliable and safe, so that the circulation and operation of the system and therefore the industrial processes are not in danger.

The pressure gauge can also be affected when there are abrupt temperature changes, of course it is not possible to manipulate the environment so that this does not happen; however, the temperature levels within the process can be influenced. For this, when it comes to steam systems, a good idea is to place coil or spiral siphons which will cause the heat to decrease in the area and therefore the unit does not suffer the consequences of high temperatures. The possibilities of influencing the temperature levels in the processes are varied, whether in hot or cold environments.

Therefore, the temperatures within the process as well as that of the environment must be considered when choosing a pressure gauge; since depending on the temperature range it will be the type of installation to be carried out. That is, you will know whether to install cooling elements, steam siphons, diaphragm seals, capillaries or other elements to protect the device.

A pressure gauge can also be damaged due to the erosion that happens to the Bourdon tube due to chemicals or even the environment itself. To avoid this, it is necessary that when making the selection of the device we consider whether the device is compatible, the materials with which it was manufactured, products that are used in the system to which we want to install, among other factors.

The pressure gauge is a device that can be very sensitive to vibrations caused by motors, pumps or some other device that has an impact on it. Excessive vibrations can end up damaging internal elements such as your gears, the Bourdon tube and others.

Furthermore, vibrations also affect the accuracy of the pressure measurement; however, this can be counteracted by purchasing a liquid filled manometer which can be silicone or glycerin. This mechanism solves the problem and makes the device able to give accurate levels while helping to protect the internal parts.

As you can see there are different aspects to take into account when choosing a pressure gauge. Fortunately, for every problem that may arise there is a solution, be it an appliance design that meets the requirements, or accessories that can be fitted to protect the functioning and life of the appliance.

If you are looking for pressure gauges, pressure measuring instruments , valves, metering regulators and more, we have a wide catalog to choose the equipment you need. Our groups of trained workers are ready to guide and advise you so that the purchase of your devices is the best and you are sure that the model, brand and design of what you are buying will really work for you.

Go ahead and call us at + (8621) 6448-1883, (8621) 6448-1808; You can also send us an email to, we answer your questions about pressure gauges and valves or the product you want.

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