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How to install, activate, and renew AVG antivirus?

AVG is a famous anti-malware program best known for providing good security features. AVG antivirus provides you with both the premium plans as well as freeware. This antivirus is very reliable and offers you premium and free plans. If you want basic protection then install the freeware. For better protection, install a good premium antivirus for your device. You can easily install and activate AVG antivirus on your device.

Downloading and Installing AVG antivirus

  1. Open your web browser and search for AVG

  2. Go to AVG website

  3. You will see various AVG plans

  4. Click on the AVG plan you want to install

  5. Shopping cart page will appear

  6. Review your AVG order and hit the next button

  7. Sign in screen will appear

  8. Enter your AVG credentials

  9. For new user, create AVG account

  10. Enter your billing details

Click on the Confirm button and wait for completing the billing process. Now you have to visit the email account you have entered while purchasing AVG antivirus. Click on the URL and AVG will start checking the system specification. Wait for some time and you will see the Next screen. Click on the Next button and the AVG activation window will appear. Enter the AVG key on the activation window and tap the next button. Now you have to follow the on-screen commands for completing the AVG installation process.

You will get your AVG key on the registered email address. Open your email address and check for the key. Type the key carefully while activating it. If you enter the AVG key wrong for multiple times then your AVG account may get disabled temporarily. You can also copy the AVG key from the email account and then copy directly to the activation window. This method will help to reduce misspelling issues.

Upgrading AVG antivirus

If you are using a freeware AVG antivirus and now you want to use the premium plan then you can easily upgrade your antivirus. You can either purchase a premium plan from the web browser or you upgrade the plan directly from your AVG dashboard.

  1. Open the dashboard of AVG antivirus

  2. Click on the Upgrade button

  3. You will be redirected to AVG website

  4. Sign In AVG with your credentials

  5. Go to your AVG account

  6. Click on the plan you want to purchase

Fill the billing details and follow the onscreen screen. While installing, the new plan of AVG antivirus will automatically delete the prior plan. Complete the AVG installation process and now you can use the premium features of AVG antivirus. In case you still have the prior AVG plan then you have to uninstall it manually. On the PC, go to the All Programs folder. You will see all the installed programs on the screen. Click on the old AVG antivirus set up and hit the Uninstall button. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the uninstallation process. You should also remove all the related files from your device for preventing conflict issues. 

Renewing AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus provides you with a yearly license. When your AVG antivirus is about to expire; you will start getting the warning pop-ups and messages. If your antivirus has auto-renewal mode then AVG will renew your antivirus automatically. Some people don’t want to renew AVG automatically. You can cancel AVG subscription and then you have to renew the plan manually. But all AVG plans are not applicable for auto-renewal mode. When you get the license expiry warning, open your AVG dashboard and click the renew button. Follow the on-screen commands and renew your antivirus. The remaining days on the old AVG plan will be added on your new subscription. If you face any kind of error while renewing AVG antivirus then you can ask the AVG team for help.

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