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Does Sleeping Positions Matter?

Sleeping is not as easy as we think. A healthy routine involves sleeping for about 8 hours. Sleeping too much can also cause a lot of problems. The pros and cons of sleeping can be understood by knowing the ideal sleeping positions.

Some of the common sleeping positions can be understood one by one below-

  • Back on the bed

A person normally sleeps with their back on the bed. This type of position is best for your neck and spine because in this type of position the back lies straight. It has a lot of advantages. But along with the advantages there comes disadvantages also. Sleeping on your back makes the back of your tongue disturb the passing of air which causes snoring sounds.

  • Side sleeping

Side sleeping can be on both sides on the left or right. If you keep your face on the left side it eases heartburn. The digestion process can also be boosted by this sleeping position. It has so many other medicinal advantages.  It also improves the circulation of blood. It happens because of the position of organs inside the body. As of the disadvantage, side sleeping causes the pressure on your lungs and stomach. Therefore you need to switch positions.

  • Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping eases breathing and thus snoring can be prevented by it. But it has a lot of disadvantages; It is the worst position ever.  If you have back problems doctors suggest to avoid this type of position. In this position, your neck and spinal cord can get affected.

  • Sleeping while sitting

 This cannot be named as an actual position of sleeping because usually, this occurs when you sit on a bus or a train or in a car or sitting on a chair. It can lead to a lot of stress on the back and neck. This cannot be considered the right position to sleep leaning is absolutely important you can't always sleep while sitting.

  • Sleeping in the fetal position


A lot of people prefer sleeping in the fetal position because it is warmer and safer than any of the other positions but because of this position your liver and lungs can face a lot of stress on them.

None of us really thought that sleeping positions ever mattered this much but the absolute truth about the sleeping position is One must take care of what position they are actually sleeping because for maintaining a healthy routine and for the maintenance of a body it is important to have a proper sleep routine as well as a proper position to sleep. For them, a cozy mattress can also help. Mattress as well ad the choice of a right pillow because sleep is everyone’s personal comfort any kind of a pain in the back can cause restlessness and lack of sleep. You can get a night of good sleep by following these effective measures and continue doing what is most comfortable for you. Sleeping less can cause dark circles and insomnia. Youth these days use mobile phones till late night and they follow a very unhealthy sleeping routine that's why a lot of organizations are now working on the spread of a healthy sleeping routine and doctors suggest to sleep for about 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

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