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Can stem cell therapy cure diseases?

Stem cell research makes rapid strides everyday. Researchers have shown that stem cell treatments hold high potential in treating orthopaedic, degenerative, neurological and many other conditions. This has led some people to believe that stem cells are a cure-all. In order to make an informed decision about stem cell treatment, it is important that you understand their effect on the body.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are blank or undifferentiated cells that have the unique ability to turn into different types of cells, as and when needed, in the body. They were earlier found in human embryos, but have known to be present in umbilical cord tissue and blood, fat deposits, and bone marrow.

Everyone is born with their own natural supply of stem cells but as we age, these cells reduce in number as well as effectiveness. Through advanced technology and research, we now have the ability to extract stem cells from your own adipose (fat) tissue, and transplant them into the damaged or degenerating tissue to replace or restore it.

Stem Cell Treatment Results

By transplanting your own stem cells into injured or damaged tissue, inflammation and pain can be greatly reduced. Since inflammation is the cause of most chronic conditions, stem cells therapy usually decreases symptoms, and can improve the quality of life for patients. For example, MS patients show increased mobility and coordination for long periods, even years, after stem cell treatment.

However, stem cells get used up with time, and repeat treatments are needed over the course of years to keep stem cell numbers high. Additionally, each individual is unique and treatment results can vary between patients. The stem cells will be effective, but the amount of inflammation they reduce, orhow much they heal is completely dependent on several factors, including but not limited to the severity of condition, patient’s age, fitness level, and severity of the symptoms. This is why it is not possible to predict the exact results.

So, if you are seeking an answer to, “Are Stem Cells a Cure?”, the answer is Yes and No. Stem cells are definitely effective in the body and have the great potential to reduce symptoms and increase the quality of life for patients. But whether they will rid the body of disease completely can only be seen with time. However, the results with patients who have already been treated with stem cells shows great promise and rapid advancements are being made further in the field. If you or a loved one are suffering from a chronic condition, it is important that you consult a specialist at a trusted stem cell clinic and find out whether you are a good candidate for stem cell treatments.

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