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Can anyone for Umrah Performance without buying a package?

Umrah is among the two sacred journeys of Islam. Minor to Hajj pilgrimage, Umrah is purely a sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) and not an obligation. Yet, the rewards it holds for the believers make them undertake its performance with the same zeal and passion that a Muslim possesses for Hajj. The reason being, millions of Muslims travel all around the year for Umrah performance to the Holy City of Makkah.

When it comes to travelling for Umrah, there are certain mediums to opt for. One can travel through the medium of a professional travel agent and also go for umrah on its own. Here’s a brief comparison.

Travelling for Umrah; without buying a package.

One can easily travel for umrah on its own. Like any other international travel, travelling for umrah also requires getting your arrangements done. In this regard,

  • Visa Documentation.
  • Hotel Bookings.
  • Flight Reservations.
  • Travel/Transportation arrangements.

Everything comes into consideration.

Getting an Umrah Visa.

Umrah visas are issued for a 1-month validity. However, pilgrims are only allowed to stay in the kingdom for 15 days. In other words, a pilgrim has to perform all of its rituals and depart from the kingdom on the 15th day from its arrival date. The extra validity of 15 days is given in order to compensate for any flight or travel delays for pilgrims.

Umrah on Tourist Visa.

As per the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, Umrah and Hajj policies were revised and a lot of new additions were made. Under the new regulations, Muslims are allowed to perform Umrah even on their tourist visas to the Kingdom i.e. they no longer need umrah visas for performing the minor pilgrimage. These tourist visas are available both online and through on-arrival procedures.

Travelling for Umrah; with an umrah package.

When travelling for umrah through the channel of a certified travel agent, the person has peace of mind. There are a variety of Cheap Hajj and Umrah Packages offered by them all around the year. In addition to that, one can also design an Umrah travel experience that best suits its affordability and ease. In simple words, an Umrah travel agent offers you the flexibility to design, and hire an Umrah package of your own choice: let it be a 3-star economy or 7-star luxury travel.

Additionally, you can get plenty of travel discounts. How? Well, through their internationally trusted travel network and frequent business with the companies lets travel agents catch a diversity of flight, hotel, and travel discounts for their customers.

To conclude, a person can opt for Umrah travel according to its choice. While independent travel grants you the freedom of time and living, hiring an Umrah travel package provides you with the best of opportunities without having to go through the hassle of travel management. Therefore, you can perform all of the rituals of umrah with complete peace of mind and travel ease.

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