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On-site IT support: pros and cons

Discover the positive and negative characteristics of on-site IT support.

On-site IT support is typically associated with more complex industry issues. In particular, those that originate in hardware - that is, in machines and computers. It is a more specialized type of service that requires more time, since a professional needs to travel to the company.

See its advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of face-to-face IT technical support

Unfortunately, many technology-related problems cannot yet be solved remotely. In this way, face-to-face support will become mandatory for solving these problems.

A company that is implementing or updating some type of software or hardware will probably need to have an on-site technician. Only then will it be possible to install machines or certain softwares.

In addition to that, face-to-face support usually guarantees the technician a more specific view of the problem. With that, it is possible to identify the causes with greater precision and speed, without depending on the description of lay people.

Get to know the list with the main advantages of this type of IT support:

the guarantee of specific identification of the problem, since the technician does not need to trust the report of third parties;
greater chances of assertiveness in solving the problem, given that the service is provided based on the professional's own evaluation;
the professional can better assess the real needs related to the infrastructure.
Disadvantages of face-to-face IT support

In addition to being more time consuming, this solution is usually more expensive for companies. The reason is that, generally, it is necessary to schedule the visit of a highly specialized collaborator. After that, he needs to physically travel to the business, which will consume more time and other costs.

See a list of the main disadvantages of that type of IT support:

Even simple troubleshooting will be much more time consuming than it should, which can compromise productivity;
face-to-face support costs are very high, when buying remote support.

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