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5 Types of Yoga Backpacks for Every Occasion

Anyone who wants to devoted yogi, but find it is tired to transport all their stuff from one place to another. Carrying your mat, clothes, accessories along with your usual things for the day, feel your day like a commute in hell, but no anymore. There is the best thing designed for you which is yoga backpacks for both practical and aesthetically appealing while being flexible for different lifestyles and different occasions. Even though these yoga backpacks are designed for carrying yoga mats and other similar items, they are quite multipurpose because they can carry an excess of things very easily.

Here is a list of the best five and useful backpacks for yogis:

1. Sling yoga backpack: For busy lifestyles, it is the best one. It comes with designs of funky colors and fun to suits everyone's tastes. This is a multipurpose sling pack to follow you wherever you want to go such as- gym, studio, travel, office, beach, or just around your town. The special feature of this sling yoga backpack is – made with heavy-duty polyester and also has a special yoga mat locker that will keep it in place. Mainly it is designed to easily store your stuff like your towels, yoga block, clothes, and even a laptop. It also has a pocket on the front shoulder strap for mobile so you can easily access your call and another side is a bottle pocket.

2. Travel bag with yoga mat backpack: It is the best one for a traveling bag with your daily uses stuff and also carries yoga equipment. It is perfect for hitting you in the gym or going out hiking to find a place for meditation. This type of yoga backpacks is a good option for those who want to balance the weight of their things and equipment or stuffs across both shoulders. The bag approximately measures 1 lb in weighs, 18” tall and 14” wide, and has a dedicated storage zippered compartment, and also has various pockets, which is smaller in size but hold accessories of all sizes. The main feature of this backpack is – it is made for environmentally friendly and vegan. Because of their dedication to animal preservation, they use only faux leather in the manufacturing process. 

3. Hybrid bags: A bag having a convertible function as a backpack and tote bag is hybrid bags. It is not only stylish but also is a multifunctional bag. Everyone carries it in two ways stylish office tote bag and as a comfortable backpack. Approximately the size of this bag is 17’’ x 14’’ x 8’’ it having a spacious design that can hold all your daily essentials easily and it is keeping everything perfectly organized and compact also. It has a huge compartment and tons of storage pockets that can carry your water bottle, towel, shoes, etc. Its special feature is stylish shoulder strap designs which are perfect for every occasion. 

4. Mat backpack: Fashionable and functional backpack that keeps you stylish from a yoga studio to your workplace. Their waterproof and fashionable design features allowing to use it for school, workplace, travel, and outdoor adventures. And their stain-resistant material lets easily clean dirt and spills.

5. Backpack for all-around activities: It is the most resourceful choice from the above whole list. It has a waterproof coating yoga pack that holds everything you need with a modern design of top-loading. For the busy schedule yogis, this bag designs come with a laptop sleeve so you can straight go your work after practice. If anybody has a yoga mat this guru pack comes with side release straps to hold the mat vertically, so they do no drag it around with them. Its functionality is used by hikers, bikers, office going and travelers so it is an all-around bag for everyone. 

It is completely clear there is too much variety of yoga backpacks in the market, but before making the decision which is the best survey all the reviews about the backpack and checks the comfortability, and durability of backpacks. One of the most important considering points when buying a yogi pack is the size of the bag make sure that the backpack having accommodated the length of the mat along with your accessories and clothes.

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