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Cater To Multiple On-Demand Needs Of Your End-Users With A Customized Gojek Clon

Cater To Multiple On-Demand Needs Of Your End-Users With A Customized Gojek Clon

The on-demand multi-service industry has been only in the uptrend for the past few years. The instant services, convenience, and cost-effective services that these platforms offer are a huge hit among the people. People yearn for such services as it will help them save on several expenses and consume very less time. From the business owner’s perspective, this is a monetarily-beneficial business opportunity that can be launched with relatively reduced investments. You can also be a major chunk in the on-demand sector with the best-in-class Gojek clone app built by the adept developers at Inoru. 

Why opting for a clone app is advantageous when compared to an app built from the ground up? This might be the next obvious question that will pop-up in your mind. Going with a clone app solution will help you save to a greater extent on time and money. Customizing and launching a multi-service clone app solution will take only a few days, whereas building an app from scratch will consume around three months. On the other hand, developing an app from the ground up will involve spending a lot on app development when compared to a clone solution. Clones are basically ready-made solutions that require only the customization and launch cost. It is 75% cheaper in comparison with apps developed from scratch. These few crucial factors help any business person to set up their venture in the revenue-generating sector. 

Benefits of providing multiple services in a single app solution:

Being an entrepreneur, you should know the potential advantages that you will enjoy when launching a multi-service brand like Gojek for your venture. 

Elevated brand visibility:

With an online app for your multi-service business, you can increase your brand awareness effectively. You can use online social media platforms to help you with brand visibility. Include social media sharing features in your app, and users will share your service or product if they love it. 

Easy administration:

The Gojek clone app will help you focus on all the services equally. Each service will have a separate landing page and individual data and analytics. This will enable the effortless management of multiple services in a short time. 

Increased user base:

Our user-friendly and tractive multi-service app solution will help you gather a large customer base for your brand. But, make sure you offer high-quality service within the stipulated time to retain all your users in the long run. 

Multiple revenue streams:

An online app will help you generate revenue via multiple revenue streams such as advertising, commissions, etc., even if one source gives out, you can earn an income from the remaining streams available. 

Know your customers:

Include options such as reviews, ratings, etc., to the app to make sure you are able to obtain customers’ opinions on your service. It will help you optimize your services and provide completely satisfied services for your customers. 

What do we provide in our app development package?

Our Gojek clone app package consists of the following components, and each one will be built based on your requirements and ideas. 

User app(Android, iOS, and web panel)

Users can log in and choose a service or product of their choice and place a request. They will then have to pay for the order or service using one of the payment options available in the multi-service app. They will also be able to rate and review the services effortlessly. 

Service provider app(Android, iOS, and web panel)

Service providers can sign up with the app and complete the verification process. They can then accept or reject user requests and serve them accordingly. They will receive their earnings after a commission cut-down. 

Vendor app(Android, iOS, and Web panel)

Vendors can enroll with the app and upload the list of products they sell. They can also accept user requests and hand over the package to the delivery executive or service provider. 

Admin app(Android, iOS, and Web panel)

Admins can control the entire Gojek clone platform and monitor all activities that take place via the app. They can also resolve any disputes, cut down commissions, access all user data, etc. 

Main website

The main website will be attractive and will have complete information on the services available and the facility to place requests. Users can log in using their credentials or sign up with the website and place their orders in just a few simple steps. 

Summing up!

On a final note, the Gojek clone solution that we proffer will help you succeed in the on-demand market. Discuss your ideologies with us and build an app under your budget. Our team will also launch the app on all major app stores in a short period. Get started now!


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