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Are you passionate about architecture and can't help but admire the buildings of your city in amazement? Would you like to work in architecture, but you are not yet clear on the path to take? 

what skills does an architect need

In this guide you will find out how to get the best out of the profession of architect, how to train to work in architecture and how much you will earn working as an architect.

Read on if you want to know all the right steps to take to practice as an architect as soon as possible and give your career a sprint!

Architect profession: the course of study
To practice the profession of architect you will have to start from the appropriate study path, that is, from a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.

The first thing that will be useful for you to know is that these degree programs are limited at national level and therefore the dates and methods of administering the test, as well as the places available in Italian universities are the same for all universities in Italy and they are decided by the Ministry of Education.

If you want to know more, you will find all the detailed information in our Guide to Bachelor's Degree in Architecture courses.

At the end of your three-year degree course, which will have given you the useful bases for working in architecture, a Master's Degree Course in Architecture will be useful.

At this point in your career, you will be able to choose your favorite specialization from different classes of master's degrees.

You can choose between a Master's Degree in Architecture and Building Engineering-Architecture, a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master's Degree in Territorial Urban and Environmental Planning.

If you want to know in detail all these degree classes, consult our Guide to the Master's degree programs in Architecture.

At the end of your university studies you will have acquired a solid base of knowledge, but to achieve practical skills useful for working in architecture it will be useful to dedicate yourself to self-study or attend training courses.

In particular, it will be very useful to get to know and practice the software most commonly used by professionals, both during their studies and after completing their university career.

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