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Network Card Means?

A network card is a device that allows computers to communicate with each other and exchange data over a network. All network adapters by type can be divided into two large groups - wired and wireless. Wired network cards allow you to connect electronic devices to a network using Ethernet technology using a cable, while wireless network adapters use Wi-Fi radio technology.

As a rule, all modern desktop computers are already equipped with Ethernet network cards built into the motherboard , and all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are equipped with Wi-Fi network adapters. At the same time, laptops and ultrabooks are mostly equipped with both network interfaces at once.

Despite the fact that in the overwhelming majority of cases, computer devices have built-in network interfaces, sometimes it becomes necessary to purchase additional cards, for example, to equip the system unit with a wireless Wi-Fi communication module.

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By their constructive implementation, individual network cards are divided into two groups - internal and external. Internal cards are designed for installation in desktop computers using interfaces and their corresponding PCI and PCIe slots. External cards are connected via USB connectors or obsolete PCMCIA (laptops only).

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