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5 Excellent Advantages of Roller Skating for Children and Teens

Roller skating can be a super fun activity, but not many parents are aware of the many other excellent advantages the sport offers to children and teens. Read on to know more about 5 important advantages the sport of roller skating can bring to your child.

Promotes brain development

Regular exercise has been proven to encourage brain function. While children and teenagers may find other exercises boring, they are usually happy to roller skate.

Since roller skating requires focus and decision-making about speed and agility, it fosters improvement in their focus, attention, concentration, and even productivity. And the interesting thing is, they don’t find roller skating a strenuous task. In addition, roller skating does not require a long time to learn.

Boosts mood

Most parents complain about their teens being moody. These mood swings are often the result of physical and mental changes your teen's is experiencing.

Skating can pep their mood up quickly. Since roller skating is an outdoor sport, it also allows your child to go out in the sun, interact with their friends, and get rid of the pent-up energy they accumulate by sitting indoors on their electronic gadgets all day.

Improve physical strength

Roller Skating is also a great cardiovascular exercise that helps your child build physical stamina and muscle endurance. Skating is good for the whole body –the legs, abs, thighs, calves, ankles, and the arms too. It helps the child improve coordination and balance too.

Build healthy habits

Roller skating allows children and teens with the much-needed exercise many children don’t get these days. They are usually indoors playing games on a computer or glued to their phones and iPads. This deprives them of the exercise their bodies need.

Roller skating is a fun activity that provides your child with regular exercise. This leads to release of the happy hormones that also boosts their mood and aids mental well-being.

Your child also learns a new skill that not only involves physical activity but also persistence, discipline and focus that can lead to positive outcomes in their curricular and non-curricular activities in school.

Social and interpersonal skills

Roller skating is also a social sport, which means it will encourage your child to make new friends and bond with others who share their common love of roller skating! If you learn roller skating with them, it gives you an added opportunity to spend time and bond with them. All this will help your child build healthy interpersonal and social skills – skills that will come in handy as they grow up.

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