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Things To Do When Your Phone Is Water Damaged

It can harm your phone if it is not water resistant, and you happen to drop your phone in water. So if accidentally you have dropped your phone and you notice that the screen button is not working, you need to get in touch with an expert in phone repair Oakland Park. The expert will help you get your phone running once again, but before the expert arrives, there are a few things you can try out.

  1. Don’t do a few things

Now if your phone has got submerged in water and it is not running or screen is not being displayed, then the first thing you should do is not do a few things. Don’t try to switch off the phone because if it is affected by water it will not restart. Rather there will be a series of reaction in the battery. Similarly do not put the phone on charge because providing it with electricity when there is water inside can not only harm you, it might permanently fry up the insides of the phone. Blow drying the phone or trying to heat it up can cause further damage to the phone.

  1. Dissemble the parts

The first thing that you should do is dissembling the phone. Take out the exterior cover, remove the battery, take out the SIM card and the SSD card, and cover all these with dry lukewarm towels. Your SIM card may not get affected but your SSD card might. In order to save your important data dry it up quickly with the towel and try retrieving the data from another device. Do not try to open the screws if you do not have knowledge about your phone’s internal mechanics and its best to wait for the phone repair Oakland Parkexpert.

  1. Try using a vacuum cleaner

Blow drying the phone will cause the phone to heat up abruptly which can cause harm to your phone. Furthermore, the micro water particles that have already seeped deep inside your phone will get further inside the phone. This is because even if they evaporate the water vapor will not be able to get out of the phone. So use paper towels and for the interiors, you can use vacuum cleaners.

Now you should wait for the expert to arrive. But you should contact a specialist who has both knowledge of phone repairing and computer repair Oakland Park, so that you can call someone you have hired when you face issues with your computer.

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