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Hacker: Know this profession and see how to become one

Many people have the misconception that a hacker is a computer expert who is dedicated to committing cyber crimes and making a lot of money inside their dark, hooded rooms in front of the computer.

If you access Google Images and search for the word “hacker”, virtually all images are of characters in the dark, hiding their faces with a hood and often a mask in front of a code system on the computer. But this is a far cry from what the reality of this profession represents.

On the contrary, hackers are fundamental for online security systems to prevent virtual attacks that could compromise the security of large companies and even data from governments in countries around the world.

In order to maintain and guarantee the protection of private data and, consequently, of a lot of money circulating in a virtual way, the hacker has an enormous responsibility wherever he works.

Find out everything you need to know about this profession and see some of the best tips to start tracing paths in this career.

The MOS is found in almost every sector of business like Telecom, IT, administration and many others. They collaborate with the many different departments of an organization to deliver reports and other products using the Microsoft office suite. Using their skills, businesses can implement office processes more efficiently.

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What is a hacker and what does it do?
To break the image of a hacker doing illegal work in front of your computer once and for all, you need to understand what a hacker is and what he does. The hacker is a person specialized in dealing with the structure of software and hardware, which are programs and the physical part of the computer, respectively.

With this knowledge, the hacker's primary role is to ascertain whether systems are secure and to ensure that potential attackers do not have access to information and data that undermine the security of businesses, governments and people.

In order not to be related to criminal activities, they are also known as “good hackers” or “ethical hackers”. Those who commit cyber crimes and use their skills in illegal activities may be known as "crackers".

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