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The Benefits Of Switching To Kydex Holsters

One is always worried about the quality and craftsmanship whenever they need a holster that would save up time, be easy to carry around and last for a more extended period. No one wants to keep spending a fortune on holsters that are not up to the mark. People also tend to wonder why it is good to switch to Kydex holsters. The answer is simple as Kydex holsters are among the highest level of thermoforming materials. 

Why should you switch to Kydex holsters?

Whether you are someone who looks for a concealed, carries, duty in the range of Kydex holsters, there are multiple options. What dominates the holster market is leather that lasts for more than a lifetime and gives you efficiency in carrying them around. 

However, there is a massive range of Kydex holsters that have changed the market of holsters. In recent years people have had enough reasons to switch into Kydex holsters:

  1. Kydex is thin and strong and is also light enough to carry around. The thickness of Kydex materials varies from 0.060 inches to 0.125 inches. Kydex retains its shape even after stomping on it as hard as one can for uncountable times. Whether it is left in rain or snow, it does not wear out, no matter what you put it through under the scorching sun. If one chooses another holster of the same thickness and the same type, it will gradually wear out. 
  2. On the other hand, Kydex is washable. Even an Affordable Kydex Holster will never rot. However, an object needs proper treatment and maintenance to retain the same qualities over the years. If you still leave your holster untreated, it may lose its shape and slowly fade away. 
  3. Most Kydex holsters are produced with adjustable retention. The retention that is generated is by fiction on a low spot gun. One can quickly isolate the retention area and separate the retention to one site with the adjustment screw that adds and removes pressure from the retention area.
  4. Make sure you look up the best Kydex holsters for sale that have draw and re-holstering. These holsters can pull out at an indexed angle that makes it easier to re-holster the gun while you keep your eye on your threat or target. Most of the leather holsters lose shape and stiffness that makes them lose and creates a pinch at the entry point when the gun is not holstered correctly. 

Therefore if you are planning to switch to a Kydex holster, then there are enough reasons that will make you want to change your regular boring one. 

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