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4 ways to open the blocked pipe

4 ways to open the blocked pipe

Do you have a pipe in your house and want to call a service company? Wait, because in this article we are going to teach you how to open a pipe, so put your polton in your pocket and then join us in teaching you how to open a pipe.

What you read in this article:

Prevention of clogged sewer pipes
Tube opening methods
Manual pipe opener
Chemical tube opener solution
Tube opener powder
Opener tube with air compression device
Spring tube opener

Prevention of clogged sewer pipes

To prevent clogging of the pipe, you can prevent the entry of waste. To do this, it is enough to put a net for the sink to prevent the entry of waste. You can also use a well closure to prevent sudden objects from entering the well. Before the clogging of the sewer pipe becomes serious and seeing the signs of clogging of the pipe, pour a little boiling water into the sink sink pipe to wash away the fatty tissues that are attached to the walls of the pipe and the waste materials inside the pipe. You can also use a well or filter to prevent solids from entering the sewer pipe. Never pour the used oil into the sewer pipe and clean it with a greasy cloth and oil before washing the oil container. It is recommended to use a mask before using the chemical tube opener solution.

Tube opening methods
In general, our pipe opener training is presented to you in several forms, which we will address in order and from simple to difficult:

1- Manual opening tube

Manual pipe opening training

Manual opening tube (pump) is suitable for weak and superficial clogs. Place the plastic part of the pipe opener on the mouth of the pipe so that there is no way for air to escape. It is better to apply some paraffin around the plastic edge of the manual opening tube and pour a little water on the sink, this will cause the manual opening tube to stick. Now push the opening pipe handle down and do the same thing several times, during this work the air inside the opening pipe pump moves towards the pipe and moves the waste materials. In superficial clogs, manual pipe opener responds better than chemical pipe opener material.

Note that:

Air should not penetrate under the pump during flipping
After opening the pipe, pour a little water into the pipe so that the extra material in the pipe does not clog again and the lamb goes into the well.

2- Chemical opening tube solution

Pipe opener training using pipe opener solution
Chemical opening pipe materials are a good option for surface clogging. Due to the low impact speed of the chemical opening tube material, after pouring the solution into the tube, wait a while for the blockage to open and after use, be sure to pour a little water into the tube so that the solution remains in the tube because if it remains, it will corrode the tube. It is recommended that you never put your head in the tube after pouring the solution so that the gases that rise from the tube do not hit your face.

Be careful when buying a chemical solution for opening the pipe, because some solutions are used to open the sink pipes and others to open the clogged bathroom drain pipe (which is mostly caused by hair and grease). Also, pay attention to the instructions and instructions for opening the tube on the relevant cans.

3- Pipe opener training with pipe opener powder

Before the arrival of chemical solutions to open clogged pipes, pipe opener powder (bag) was used, but with the advent of solutions, the use of powder has become obsolete. To use this powder, first pour it into the tube (make sure the tube is dry) and after a few minutes, pour it into the water tube.

4- Pipe opener with air compression device.

An air compressor is used for clogs caused by soil and solids. The basis of this device is that by pumping, the air inside the device is compressed and by placing the mouth of the device on the mouth of the pipe and pulling the lever of the device, the compressed air inside the device enters the pipe and the waste moves. (If the pipe does not open, do this several times and make sure that air does not penetrate from the sides)

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