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Natvisa: Get A Mexico Tourist Card In 3 Easy Steps

Natvisa: Get A Mexico Tourist Card In 3 Easy Steps


Are you planning to visit Mexico soon? But before planning anything, it is vital to collect the necessary information. Yes, you should have the information that is related to mandatory traveling documents. When we talk about traveling to Mexico, then we can't forget to mention the tourist card. Yes, you need a TOURIST CARD to visit Mexico. But first of all, it is vital to know:

What is the Mexico tourist card?

The official name of the Mexico tourist card is FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple). All travelers need to have FMM if they are visiting Mexico for tourism. Mexican immigration authorities introduced this document to keep a record of all tourists who are visiting Mexico. However, you can only use this card if you visit Mexico just for tourism or enjoyment. If you have a tourist card, it doesn't mean that you can work in Mexico. Apart from the above things, it is good to know the following pointers.

Highlighted points related to Tourist card:

  • You can use the tourist card only for one time. But it doesn’t matter if you are traveling through land or air.
  • The card is valid for 180 days and the time starts right after the immigration department seal the stamp.
  • The FMM isn't a visa. For instance, if you are traveling from a country exempt from applying for a Mexican permit, you still need a tourist card. If you are from a country where it is mandatory to get a visa, then a tourist card is an addition.
  • In short, all types of tourists, including children, parents, or legal guardians, need to complete the application on their behalf.

How to apply for the Tourist card?

There isn't any hard and fast process to apply for the FMM. You need to visit the Natvisa website and apply online for the land or air permit. But before going there, take the record of three simple steps that you need to follow to apply for the card.

Fill out the application form:

Mexican government introduced the electronic system in 2015 to make the process hassle-free. Now, visitors don't need to visit the embassy or get an appointment to apply for the card. You need to download the form from NATVISA. After downloading, you will move forward towards the next step.

Submit the documents:

The application filling out and document submission process is straightforward. There are the following documents that you require for application;

  • Mexico's tourist application can't complete without having a valid passport. Above all, the passport should be valid for at least the next six months from the arrival date. So, it is good to check the expiry date before applying.
  • You need to present the airplane ticket with a flight number if you are traveling by air. However, if you choose to travel by land, you don't need to attach it.
  • Applicant’s photographs
  • Above all, you need to add your email address to the application form. It is mandatory because Natvisa will send your tourist card via email in a PDF format. However, it’s good to accompany at least one physical copy before departure.

Payment methods:

The process of tourist card application is entirely online. So, it means that you will pay the fee online by using a debit or credit card. However, a tourist card is free if you choose to get it on arrival.

How to choose between land or air tourist card?

We mentioned above there are two types of tourist cards; one is

  • Mexico tourist card by land
  • And Mexico tourist card by air

Both cards are the same, and you can use these wherever you want to use them. For instance, both cards give you access to sightseeing, meeting with friends/relatives, or holiday visits. But the difference is between the mode of traveling that you are choosing. Like if you are traveling by land, then you will select the first category. If you are traveling via air, then go for the second type. However, the processing time, fee, and procedure are the same for both cards.


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