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3 Annoying Mistakes Students Make in College Essay Applications

It is not easy to be an expert college application essay writer, especially when you are unaware of the likings of your admission authorities. Applying to your dream college is itself a hectic process. To add to the pressure, you may have to worry about the approval of your application. Given below are some silly mistakes that students often make in their applications and lose valuable marks. Though trivial, these mistakes can take a toll on your admission procedure.

  1.  No Signatures

You may have decided to apply for different colleges. Therefore, you may not be able to keep track of multiple applications and forget to include the signature on many. Professors get annoyed when they find applications devoid of signatures and checked boxes. You may have written a wonderful application and essay. But, what’s the use if it doesn’t have your signature in it? If you are that busy, it is better to opt for the best online essay writing services.

  1.  Impersonal essays

Many students tend to write their college application essays just for the sake of impressing their admission authorities. In an attempt to do so, they end up writing irrelevant and unbelievable stuff. You can take essay writing help in case you are unable to craft a unique essay. When you try only to impress your admission authorities through the essay, it sounds dull and similar to other applicants.

  1.  Improper Extracurricular

You must understand that there is a stark difference between a hobby and an extracurricular. Hobbies are something that you like to do in your spare time. Extracurricular, on the other hand, are organised activities such as clubs or sports. It’s important to note that there is a distinct difference between a hobby and an extracurricular. You must include your extracurricular activities if you have been asked to mention your hobbies in school life. This makes the application more professional and impressive.

These are the most common mistakes students tend to make in a college application. Try not to repeat the same mistakes while writing your application. Get help whenever required. Good Luck!

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