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Adopt security policies

Guiding company employees and collaborators about hacker intrusions is an important procedure to prevent attacks on the company's network.

Explaining about the risks and losses that the company can suffer from being hacked by a hacker is an efficient measure of awareness.

To this end, promoting training and distributing teaching materials on the subject is a good way to reach users and prevent them from practicing bad navigation practices.

The IT team, alongside the company's communication and HR sectors, can design training and material for employees. Among the topics to be covered, it should include:

attention when performing personal activities in the corporate virtual environment, such as bank transactions;
be careful when clicking on suspicious links, even if the content has been forwarded from a coworker's email;
attention when providing personal data on unknown sites;
do not download tools or software on the company's computers without the support of the IT team;
Be careful when accessing the company's notebook outside the corporate network.
Perform backups
It is important to note that, despite all efforts by the IT team to prevent a hacker attack, the company suffers some kind of threat. Therefore, it is very important that the company has external or cloud backups to avoid data loss in the event of an invasion.

Whether you work as a full-time IT Security Consultant or focus on cyber security consultant freelance jobs, you will be involved in the various organizational evaluating risks, issues, and provides solutions for internet security problems.

Backup is a very important tool for a disaster scenario, in the recovery plan.

Restrict access to certain sites and systems

As we explained, limiting access for some employees to certain sites and systems is an effective security measure.

Thus, the company will be protected from some virtual threats from improper user browsing, downloading malicious content and suspicious tools and leaking confidential information.

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