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Five Reasons Mobile Marketing Is Becoming Even More Important

The mega apps are conquering the technological world, and it is not a coincidence, because their benefits are so good that it is a matter of time before you want to have one on your cell phone.

Have you ever imagined what your home screen would look like if you got rid of all those apps that you never use but don't delete in case you do need them? Have you thought how easy it would be to have everything you need in a single application? Well, the this is one of the great benefits of super apps.

In case you are not clear on what we are talking about, a super app is an application that offers different services and functions in one place and is at the forefront in terms of technology and mobile applications.

The benefits of having a super app

Carrying everything in a single app can make your life easier in different ways:

It is easier to get familiar with its use

This means you don't have to learn where to press, which menu, or where to find what you need in each app. In super apps, the interface does not change and is always the same, so goodbye to having to google how to do something in an app.

You only check in at one place.

Forget that 5, 10, or more apps have your bank details, or that you have to learn 5, 10, or more different passwords for each login. In the super app, a single registration is enough, a single (secure) password, and that's it. You are less vulnerable to any of the other 10 apps that have been victims of a cyber-attack. Visit the site for more information. 

Send money and pay without an account.

In most super apps, you do not require a bank account to be able to transfer money, even the model supports that local businesses, without access to bank terminals, can receive payments without raising their costs to cover the large bank commissions. So forget about not being able to buy your glass of fruit because you don't have cash with you or that you owe change. Instead, welcome being able to send money to your friends, acquaintances, and of course at your favorite sellers.

They help the local economy.

This benefit has to do with what we explained in the previous point since most of the super apps today are outlined as technological applications that help people in countries where the use of cash predominates because it is difficult to access banking services. As simple as getting a card, they can have an account where they can save their money and progress to cashless economies and be eligible for loans, for example.

On the other hand, moving towards cashless exchanges can result in the safety of both parties (sellers and customers) by reducing their risk of being robbed and losing their earnings for the day, is one of the many benefits of accessing services. In general, a super app is a way for emerging markets to join the digital trend without complicating the lives of users.

You save space in your cell phone's memory.

How many times have you decided to temporarily delete an app because you no longer have space to take a photo? Well, with a super app, you can make more efficient use of your mobile device's memory because you can get rid of apps that only consume space without necessarily using them daily.


What do we mean by this? That it is simply more convenient not only for the user but also for those who provide the services, since time is saved looking for what is needed and the purchase or consumption process is streamlined, for example, you can ask for your favorite craving, do the super and then watch your favorite TV show without leaving the app.

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