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The Salesforce , an expert on relationship management solutions (CRM), released its report Trends in Financial Services / Trends in Financial Services , which shows how financial services institutions struggle to keep up with the pace of change driven by global pandemic .

2,000 global insurance leaders, retail banks and wealth managers were interviewed before and during the pandemic, including 200 respondents from Brazil.

Analysis of data from two waves of field research before the pandemic in 2019 and another one a year later during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 shows that the customer experience has suffered along with the changes driven by the global pandemic , leading corporations to reorganize their priorities and generate competitive advantage with new technologies. In Brazil, customer experience continued to be the third priority in both periods of the survey.

According to the report, the increase in personalization gained strength in Brazil, rising from tenth in 2019 to sixth in 2020. As priorities changed, so did consumer satisfaction.

Since Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineers job duties include the securing of networking infrastructures from SonicWall cyber threats, this position involves working with testing tools and technologies. They most often work in the quality assurance teams of organizations.

A global view of customer satisfaction shows big gaps: only 27% of global customers describe financial services institutions (FSIs) as fully consumer-centric, and only 23% of global customers believe that ISPs have dealt with the crisis in the best way possible.

The survey also included new questions in 2020 to discover different tactics employed by financial services leaders in response to the crisis.

In Brazil, 88% of FSIs agree that, since the beginning of the crisis, focusing on the client's financial well-being has become more important. At the same time, 80% say the expansion of services has grown in importance since the pandemic began.

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