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What can an Employment Lawyer help me with?

An employment lawyer can help you with a wide variety of issues related to the workplace and your employment. They can help you understand your rights under the state and federal law and also file a claim, where you can, to protect those rights.

Wrongful termination

Your lawyer can help you get full and fair compensation, even reinstatement, if your employment has been terminated, whether it is due to –

  • breach of an employment contract, or
  • in violation of state or federal law

Employment discrimination

Your lawyer can help you get adequate compensation against the discrimination and put an end to the unfair treatment, if you believe you have been treated differently or unfairly in any aspect of your employment based on –

  • race
  • color
  • sex
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • pregnancy
  • any other aspect protected by state or federal law

Sexual Harassment

You may have a claim for harassment and your lawyer can help you protect your interests, if –

  • a co-worker, supervisor or another person in your workplace has offered you a benefit in exchange for sexual favors
  • if your employer has failed to take remedial action or allowed unwanted advances or improper sexual references

Wage and Overtime claims

Your lawyer can also help you recover unpaid wages, commissions, bonuses, vacation pay and severance, if your employer has–

  • not paid you for time worked
  • failed to pay overtime when you were entitled to it
  • made you work extra time without pay

Severance agreements

If you have been fired or terminated, your employment lawyer can help you get a fair severance and even represent you, if your employer doesn’thonor the terms of the severance agreement.


If your employer made you sign an unreasonable contract not-to-compete as an employment condition, you may have a right to gainful employment, in case you have been terminatedor have resigned your job voluntarily.

Confidentiality agreements

Your employment lawyercan evaluate confidentiality agreements before you sign them or help you ensure the fair application of any agreement you signed.

Charges, mediations and investigations

Your employment lawyer can handle a variety of matters before the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and Attorney General, including mediations and investigations.

Your lawyer can also work with you in non-litigation situations. They can help you evaluate, negotiate and draft employment contracts. They can help you understand and protect your rights and evaluate responsibilities under a contract and more. If you are facing a workplace related issue and are not sure about what to do or need help, consult an employment or workplace lawyer right away.

To learn more, consult one of the leading workplace discrimination, employment and harassment lawyers in Phoenix, AZ at Chahbazi Law PLLC or call 602-282-5868 Now! Attorney Meenoo Chahbazi uses her extensive experience and passion for employment equality to represent Arizona employees in a wide range of employment matters. 

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