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The most common causes of data leaks and how to prevent them

Information security threats from cybercriminals can occur in a variety of ways or techniques, including software attacks, identity theft, sabotage, physical theft and extortion of information:

Cause 1: Human error
The main cause of security breaches cited by the website, in reference to a CompTIA study, is not an unknown error or a forgotten bug, in 52% of cases the cause is human error.

The specific nature of the error can vary, but it is usually due to the use of weak passwords; sending sensitive or personal information to the wrong recipient; sharing or sharing password or account information and systems; and failure to identify an attack based on social engineering or phishing.

How to avoid?

Fortunately, our greatest weakness can become our strength. Investing in training to educate employees on how to identify possible threats will save them in possible thousands or millions of reais at a loss. As cybercriminals will exploit social engineering it is a good idea to fire fake phishings to see who will fall into the trap. There are several tools that already do this and measure who and when they opened, clicked on the link, in short, it informs all opening statistics and even offers courses for those who are vulnerable.

The field technician is also responsible for the configuration, repair, and precautionary upkeep of telecom hardware.

The Technicians follow the client work protocol to perform hardware and software installation, move, add, change, and disposal (IMACD) of the telephone device. They make sure that telecom systems and related equipment are in best working form. The technician maintains the documentation related to downtime, repairs, and alterations.

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