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Celebrating Motherhood - A Guide To Blessingway Rituals

The Navajo tradition of Blessingway celebrates motherhood in a very unique and special manner. It is similar to what is conventionally known as a baby shower and involves gifts such as Navajo coin purses and more, specially chosen for the mom. Yet, it looks at birthing as a very spiritual and emotional experience. Want to know more about it? In this article, we will shed light on this empowering tradition.

The Tradition Of Blessingway

Rather than being just about showering gifts on the mommy-to-be for the baby, Blessingway reminds the mother that she has a solid support group to lean back on as she slowly moves towards attaining the role of a mother. This tradition has been passed down from mother to daughter since time immemorial in the Navajo tribe.

A private and deeply sacred event, mom-to-bes’ closest female friends and relatives gather to show their support and connect with each other. The birthing mama is treated like a goddess and she is the star of the celebration!

After all, giving birth can be intimidating and stressful. Pregnancy causes overwhelming emotional, physical and mental changes in a short span of time. A little bit of love, laughter, and of course bonding can go a long way in easing the expecting mama’s stress levels. More importantly, those who have already given birth can offer their pearls of wisdom to the mama, thus ensuring that she is better prepared. The result? A healthy mama and a healthy baby.

What happens at the ceremony?

A typical Blessingway usually involves the mom-to-be’s best friends and family who form a circle and sit with each other. At first, introductions take place and the reason behind the gathering is stated to break the ice as everyone involved may not know each other. Then slowly, she gets to listen to the heartwarming birth stories of her closest friends.

After this, the friends and family members adorn the mother-to-be and honor her to raise the positive energy in the room. Blessings are offered and she also receives gifts such as Navajo coin purses and more knick-knacks that may prove to be useful.

The ritual ends with a big feast! Expect a lot of scrumptious items on the menu. Food is shared among the women to strengthen the beautiful bond that they share and the transition from the sacred to a more social atmosphere is welcomed.

A Blessingway helps create a community of women who encourage and nurture one another during the crucial period of motherhood. If you have been invited to one, you are in for an amazing wholesome experience like no other. Do carry a special gift such as Navajo Indian art purses and Navajo cosmetic bags for the mama-to-be! You can also have your very own Blessingway instead of a traditional baby shower when you are all set to welcome your bundle of joy to the world!

Author’s bio: The writer is based out of New Mexico and this article is about the tradition of Blessingway.

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