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For impeccable curtain cleaning

For impeccable curtain cleaning

Forget about bad weather and make way for good weather! No colder and rain and make way for beautiful sunshine! This announces a change of seasons and therefore a change in clothing! But not only! Because our house also needs to change! No bigger blankets and room for sheets! Not to mention the double curtains that will give way to beautiful fine curtains for spring and summer!

And good news, this article will talk about that!

The maintenance and Curtain Cleaning in Sydney, veils, and double curtains in Sydney!

As you probably know, certain maintenance should be done regularly!

And when it comes to maintenance, all will depend on the type of curtain and the room where it is installed!

Moreover, whether it is a water wash or dry cleaning, quality maintenance will allow the curtain to keep its beautiful appearance!

Whether they are cotton, linen, or synthetic, we tell you everything!

So I invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to take something to write down because we are going to start!

We asked for advice from a dry cleaning company in which the great specialists in the cleaning and maintenance of curtains, veils and double curtains work in Paris, and here is their advice, to wash the curtains properly!

Generally, dry cleaning is the most recommended by specialists, but there are other solutions such as water, hand, or machine washing!

Washing and maintenance of curtains:

If cleaning with water is permitted:

Before washing, carefully read the label on the curtains to follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing them!

Generally, light curtains, sails, and sails are made of nylon, synthetic fabric, or cotton, find out about the washing conditions so as not to damage the material!

If you choose to wash in a washing machine, opt instead for a short cycle or a special curtain if your washing machine is equipped!

Check the setting of the machine and choose a temperature of around 30 ° C and a spin at 500 revolutions per minute so as not to damage the curtain!

Once the washing and spinning cycles are finished in the machine, repack your curtains using a rod so that they are not wrinkled! Because the weight of humidity will tend to smooth the fabric!

Avoid the tumble dryer unless your curtain label states that the dryer is permitted and safe for your beautiful curtains!

If you have light curtains, then these require monthly, bimonthly, or biannual maintenance! It depends on the room they are in! A small example: Kitchen curtains will be washed more often than those in a bedroom because they will be more likely to be soiled with grease or cooking spray!

If machine washing is prohibited:

If machine washing is prohibited, don't worry, you just need to take them to a specialist or a dry cleaner 

Read the labels of your curtains carefully, if machine washing is prohibited, it is preferable to entrust their cleaning to a dry cleaner or a cleaning specialist, as for linen or silk!

This specialist will guide you according to the type of curtain for dry or wet washing, which he will carry out himself, using specialized devices!

The latter will do the washing and drying!

Remember that heavy and bulky curtains require annual or biannual maintenance 

If machine cleaning is allowed:

If the label on your curtains says that machine washing is possible, here are a few tips:

If your curtains are heavy and long, wash them one by one!

Use low-temperature wash cycles so as not to shrink the fabric, which means: no more than 40 ° C!

Avoid excessive spinning and do not put them in the dryer! Simply use the rod again once the cycle is finished!

When it comes to washing double curtains, here are the right things to do:

The maintenance of heavy double curtains requires the expertise of a specialist so as not to damage them without forgetting that they take up too much space and time!

The dry cleaner or the cleaning specialist to whom you will entrust your double curtains will ensure the washing, generally dry, as well as the drying!

Double curtains, often heavy and bulky, require annual or biennial maintenance, which means every two years!

Washing and maintenance of sails, here are our tips:

Washing cotton sails:

Start by unhooking the curtains and wash them by hand in a bathtub in hot water or even boiling if they are white.

If you use the machine, select the wool program, with a minimum spin!

You can also use a light bleach if the operation is followed by a rinse!

Washing linen curtains:

Hand washes linen curtains or curtains in warm soapy water without wringing or twisting them! Just let them drip off!

If you want to machine wash linen curtains, program the machine on the wool program, and opt for liquid detergent, and do not wring them!

Washing polyester curtains:

Synthetic curtains can be washed in lukewarm water and by hand without twisting them!

If you want to machine wash them, select the gentle program, at 30 ° for wool! 

Avoid wringing out your curtains!

Dry the synthetic curtains:

Start by removing the curtains from the machine, without twisting them, but draining them gently! Then, sponge them between 2 terry towels and let them drain either by placing them on the rods if the ground is okay or on a wire or a bar very high and as wide as possible so that the fabric does not do not crumble!

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