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How to export product to China successfully

The Chinese market is increasingly attracting the attention of companies thanks to its powerful economy and its large capacity for import and export production. Historically, thanks to its low prices and high competitiveness, China has been one of the major exporters, however, as the lifestyle has increased, imports have managed to gain a very important niche in the Chinese market.

 When you think about exporting product to China, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the idea and not know how to get started. With these basic lines, the aforementioned project can be started. Despite great cultural, legal and even language differences, these are not exclusive to successful trading, since they can all be resolved.

 Creating a plan to export to China

 -Select the market you want to target . Many times people opt for the more developed markets such as Shanghai or Beijing, however, in these, the competition is fierce. You have to evaluate the product and study in which market it would perform better.

-Redesign the product according to the market in which we are going to focus. It is necessary to modify its labeling, presentation and packaging to make it more competitive in the Chinese market.

 -Choose the means of transport of the products. Sea and air transport are two good options.

 -Create a contingency plan in case of difficulties. This is especially important considering the bureaucratic and economic risks that are run when exporting to another country.

 - Have a clear business strategy. It is advisable to make a trip to the trade area to be clear about the situation of the market and the competition, and thus be able to act with the greatest possible knowledge.

 -Establish a marketing and promotion plan . China is a country of image and brands, its consumers are closely linked to brand positioning, so a good marketing plan is essential. This has nothing to do with the western one, the offers of goods and services must be managed according to the motivations and needs of Chinese consumers and their different markets. Therefore, it is imperative to make a precise selection of the market segment to which we want to focus and carry out a thorough study of it.

 -Fluid communication. The Chinese press can serve as a great ally to communicate with the Asian market and its consumers, however, the Internet will be one of the great allies. The mere fact of having a page in Chinese is not enough, it is necessary to work to have a continuous presence and a fluent communication with buyers in the online world. The equivalent of Twitter in China, can be of great help to communicate with the market. To have a website in China we will need to obtain an ICP license, a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

 -Practice the "guanxi". Eastern culture is very different from Western culture, and that is also reflected in business. The "guanxi" is a Chinese term that describes the dynamics of relationships and networks of personal contacts and influence, and constitutes one of the pillars of Chinese society. Having a good personal relationship with the customer, the buyer, and even the middle man is imperative.

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-Control the benefits. Many Australia and Western businessmen do not prepare in advance how to repatriate the profits obtained in China, so the work dedicated to the success of the product is indifferent. It is necessary to find the solution that best favors the company to return the benefits obtained to the country of origin. Before exporting, you must have a clear prior management.

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