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How To Play League Of Legends On Android

Experience the game with the largest online gaming community, League of Legends, on your mobile phone. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game, and was based on The Frozen Throne mod of Warcraft III.

League of Legends is a game of strategic thinking that combines RTS with RPG elements and has players play a Summoner that controls a champion. Two teams of champions, either played by a group of online players or a group of computer-controlled characters try to destroy the opposing team's Nexus. The Nexus is central building of the opponent surrounded by towers, the other team's players, and the enemies structures. If you checkout the history of runes and masteries in league of legends, you can get huge benefits.

With frequent updates, the ever changing ranking list of champions and numerous game modes, League of Legends can be played by players of every skill level. And the best of all: League of Legends if absolutely free! It follows the freemium model and is funded by micro transactions using Riot Points. Riot points are an in-game currency which can be purchased by players. With Riot Points you can buy champions and champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, and certain in-game boosts. Beside the Riot points, players earn Influence Points by playing matches against other players. With these Influence Points you can purchase in-game items.

Play your favorite PC games, like League of Legends, on Android with Remotr

With Remotr you can play League of Legends on your cell phone with very smooth frame rates, customizable controls especially designed for the use on mobile phones, and to display awesome graphics! Transfer Remotr stream League of Legends game from your computer to your cell phone wherever you are. It works with a Wi-Fi connection, but also with a 3G or 4G connection when you are not near a Wifi network. Remotr consists of a streamer component that you install on your Windows computer and a Client that can be installed on your Android phone If you need to know about the history of runes and masteries in league of legends, you can visit website.

Benefits of playing League of Legends on your phone.

The question is, why should you play League of Legends on your mobile phone? Well, playing the game on your mobile has many benefits over just playing it on your computer:

You can play League of Legends on the bus

Play League of Legends in school

Play League of Legends on your work

Play League of Legends while you're waiting for your dentist appointment.

Co-op playing with friends that are in the same room as you are.

Play League of Legends on a big screen so everyone can witness the legend (you) playing!

Installing Remotr on your mobile device is very simple: first, download the Remotr streamer for your Windows computer from the website of Remotr. After that you can choose to download the Android or iOS version of the client to your mobile phone in the Google Playstore or the Appstore.

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